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  • Another Power Lifting Question

    I was going to post this in reply to anthony.l.jones post "Going primal and powerlifting" and then I realized that I wasn't answering his question but had 1 of my own. So in order not to hijack his thread I've started a 2nd one.

    The Crossfit affiliate that I was working out in closed in December and in my search for a new gym I came across an ďold schoolĒ power lifting gym. After speaking to the owner extensively about my goals and lifting experience I tried a couple of workout sessions with him and loved it. I am also training for my first competition in September. I am working out based on a schedule he gave me 3 times per week for general fitness and strength and doing specialized training for the competition on Saturdays.

    Essentially Iíve switched from an Oly style lifting workout to the Power style and I had been wondering of I should tweek my eating habits to accommodate the new style. What I am doing now and have been doing all along is having a high carb snack (like an apple) about 2 hours before my workout usually around 4pm for a 6pm workout along with about 2 oz of almond butter. And I take a good quality protein drink around 5pm although that is also pretty heavy carbs. I take another of the same drink within 30 minutes of the workout but I donít think the carbs matter there because itís more of a muscle refuel than anything else. I canít work out on am empty stomach like a lot of other people do; it just doesnít work for me. I wind up getting physically sick to my stomach and then I canít perform at all.

    The thing is Iíve gained about 3 lbs recently and I donít know why nor do I seem to be able to shake them off. Iím working out just as hard as before albeit in a different style system. The major difference I see between Oly/Crossfit and Power lifting is that the first incorporated more metabolic training through circuits while Power is more cut and dry, systematic training.

    Does anyone have an opinion on if I should change my pre-workout eating habits or if this is just a coincidence that the gain seems to have come after I changed from Oly/Crossfit to Power? PJA if you're out there maybe you could give me the benefit of your experience.