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3 weeks into my new Primal lifestyle!!!

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  • 3 weeks into my new Primal lifestyle!!!

    Hello fellow Groks! I am so excited to say that today is my third week living Primal and I have lost exactly 15 pounds! My Doctor turned me onto this new way of living after he started it a couple of years back! I went for a check up today and feel so empowered by my results! I don't feel deprived and my energy levels are sky high! I am now going to start incorporating some heavy lifting and sprinting into my new lifestyle and I look forward to seeing more results! May I mention that I do take a daily hormone supplement for thyroid disease and started a new birth control last month and still managed to get great results! Anyone with thyroid disease knows how hard it is to loose weight and I have found it incredibly easy! I am really looking forward to my journey through Primal living! I find you all so inspiring and I can't wait to hear more success from you all!


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    High Five!!!!!!!! Keep up the new lifestyle...
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      That's fantastic! And really wonderful that your doctor recommended it!
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        Yes thank you! I love that my doctor is living primal! Great motivation!


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          Way to go! I hit my 30 day mark Oct 30th....

          1. lost 7lbs
          2. no bloaty belly - stays flat (all things are relative here - grin)
          3. HUGE is that I sleep like a baby thru the night when I was waking up 2 or 3AM and could not get back to sleep... horrible... probably 4 nights of 7 and resorting to Tylenol PM when I really just needed sleep....
          4. even and consistant energy all day long
          5. absolutely do NOT feel deprived and I am satisfied with my meals... love it ... thought it would be way harder than it is.

          Congrats to you!!
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            Thank you same to you Shanster! I must agree about the bloating and sleep.. I always felt really full and uncomfortable and found it very hard to sleep through the night! Both have definitely improved! It's incredible!


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              Originally posted by SweetPickles View Post
              That's fantastic! And really wonderful that your doctor recommended it!

              Welcome to the Tribe!
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                awesome! keep it up!
                I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

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                  Great job!
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                    GREAT WORK!!! its addictive isnt it? ive converted 4-5 people and 3-4 more are doing 80% after seeing my results .. it only gets better after you start feeling even better and losing even more!

                    ps - WAY cool that your doctor is primal!
                    started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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