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  • Blood Work Success!

    I've been primal for nearly three months now and I just had my blood work done. Cholesterol, glucose, thyroid etc were all perfect per usual. The real success is in my iron.

    Bit of a back story. I was a vegetarian for 7 years, basically through my entire puberty. I always struggled with anemia and it didn't really get any better once I started eating meat. I've always been a blood donor but every few visits my Hg would be too low and I wouldn't be able to donate.

    During my first pregnancy I was anemic and had a horrible labour, narrowly avoiding a blood transfusion. During my second pregnancy things were even worse and I begged for an iron infusion. Eventually they gave me one and even though I was still anemic I felt a million times better.

    I last had my bloods taken in February (4 months after giving birth) and my ferretin was 5 and Hg 110. I don't tolerate supplements well so other than going primal nothing has changed. Today my ferretin was 20 and Hg was 136. Technically my stored iron is still too low but my Dr said with this much improvement through diet alone just keep going and we'll check again in another year.

    My numbers have never been this high before and I'm thanking primal living. Lol, but in the back of mind I'm waiting for someone to come along and tell me it's just a coincidence!
    Became Primal August 2011

    SW - 84kg / 185lb
    CW - 60kg / 132lb
    GW - 60kg / 132lb