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  • Originally posted by Corvidae View Post
    Yes, zomg, just one pound of grass-fed meat can take like TWO DAYS to defrost in the fridge. I have to plan ahead and crap, and look up recipes for all these interesting cuts of meat that come in my CSA box. WTH!

    Oh also, all this new primal cooking has me looking at Le Creuset dutch ovens, which are apparently quality but $$$$$! xP
    You know, grok never had a microwave, just use it! I defrost my meat all the time in the microwave cause I'm lazy. I just pour the grease back into the pan when I'm frying up burgers. Then I just pour the left overs all over the burger while it cooks with a spoon and the vegtables get a douse of it too after they are done frying as well.
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    • Originally posted by Corvidae View Post
      Oh also, all this new primal cooking has me looking at Le Creuset dutch ovens, which are apparently quality but $$$$$! xP
      I know Wal-Mart is evil, but they actually have a decent Le Creuset dutch oven knock-off that I've had for years. It probably won't last for 50 years like a "real" Le Creuset (I've noticed some chipping of the enamel on the lid), but it's worked pretty well so far, and about 1/3rd the price.

      Kirkland brands (i.e., Costco) also has one, and I'd bet it's just as good.

      I use it for everything. Soups, stews, chilis, stock, braising...I even used to use it for No-Knead Bread (which is what I originally bought it for!) back when I was still eating/baking bread.

      Heavy as hell. You don't ever wanna drop one of these things on your foot. :x
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      • Why go for costly, enameled Dutch ovens when Lodge makes much less expensive plain cast iron ones that not only cook superbly, they impart some iron into the food to help prevent anemia! Properly seasoned cast iron is better than any non-stick surface you'll ever find!

        My Frustration today? That I gotta keep re-seasoning my smaller cast-iron frying pan because my DS keeps putting it in the sink with Dawn liquid squirted into it!...... I leave it sitting on the stove with left-over grease in it because I WANT to leave it there -- a quick wipe (or re-heat) will take care of it. Can't yell too much -- at least he's trying to help clean up the kitchen, I guess.
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        • Originally posted by sapphire_chan View Post
          Sorry, I wasn't dismissing the frustration, just mentioning an option to save some money until your body finally settles on a size. Because I don't know that you can trust it to stop at 6, y'know?
          I actually went to Wallmart today and bought two new pairs, a black and a tan. Yes, I know wallyworld is evil but they are one of the few places in the area that sell real honest to gosh Levis. And yes, Mr. Strauss now says that I am a size 6. (!)
          Never going beyond that. I don't think I could without getting seriously skinny. I'm 5'10". Right now I would say I look "lean" but not concentration camp style.

          BTW. There have been a couple of references to a set of pictures of people for use in determining one's body fat content but I can't seem to locate the link. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


          • link to BF% in pictures.

            using those pictures, i'm 18-20%. that is, i look 18% in some areas and 20% in others. LOL And i caliper in at 18-19% (right in between on the little chart). So, i'm around there anyhoot.

            yeah, it's so hard being primal. i just eat and exercise and sleep and have sex and life is so good and i still have low body fat percentage.


            • oh, and looking at those pictures and your bathingsuit pictures and your africa dancing pictures, i would say you are 18-20% as well. you know, from the pictures.


              • It sucks so bad when I have a following of men and women who want to lift with me at the gym because they love my technique and how much I can lift.

                It makes me crazy that women in the village I'm in tell me that I intimidate them because I am "tiny" or "fit", and some have even told me that I must be a dancer (exotic) because I'm too pretty and in too good a shape and dance too well in the local zumba class. *o* That's some kind of an insult, right?


                • Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
                  I'm going to keep track of how many mackerel I've eaten. Once it's in the thousands I can say I'm schooled.
                  How do you cook them? I want to start adding some to my diet but I'm not sure where to find or how to prepare them.


                  • Originally posted by zoebird View Post
                    oh, and looking at those pictures and your bathingsuit pictures and your africa dancing pictures, i would say you are 18-20% as well. you know, from the pictures.
                    Cargo pants are functional but not flattering. And I've lost a bit since then. Yeah, I would say I'm in that range between the 18% girl and the 20% one. Thanks for finding the link for me.


                    • no worries. i was mostly looking at your arms in those pictures, not your pants.


                      • Originally posted by NurseMama5 View Post
                        Like a lot of other people here, primal has ruined my taste for non-primal food. ... It just wasn't that good.
                        Yah! It sucks when "cheating" just ain't any fun no more!!! LOL!


                        • At the beginning of this year, I wore leggings and long shirts a lot because all my pants-pants were too small and I was muffin topping all over the place.

                          Now, I am wearing leggings and long shirts because my pants are all too BIG and falling off of me.
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                          • My wardrobe ranges from size 8 to 24W. Recently discovered that I completely skipped over 2 sizes of pants that were really cute dammit!
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                            • It was so frustrating going thru the entire halloween holiday without eating any candy. I used to LOVE halloween candy.... what has happened to me?

                              <hee hee>
                              It makes me sad that people are trying hard to do the right thing but failing because they have the wrong information.
                              Without question, bacon is the most interesting meat in the world, and if it were capable of original thought, we wouldn't even be having an election this November in America. We would simply appoint bacon as our forever leader and live dutifully under its rule.


                              • I am running out of jars to store my bacon grease in! Guess I just need to use it on everything.

                                Bacon shakes, anyone?
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