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  • My frustration now... is my husband. Specifically, trying to talk him into buying new clothes.

    His jeans are falling off him. He decided he needed a new belt, and I had to talk him out of buying a 42" belt - which is the size of his jeans - and finally convinced him to get a 38". Naturally, it fits fine.

    He keeps giving me grief about wanting to get him jeans that fit now. *sigh*


    • Originally posted by Grokdaddy View Post
      Which is sad cuz I really like them. I bought them a couple years ago. Not gonna find them again.
      Try eBay. Seriously. I had a favorite skirt that I bought like 5 years ago at least. Last time I checked (sometime this year), there were 3-4 of them on eBay.

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      • I just HATE eating a tender, delicious, perfectly seasoned ribeye once a week. It really gets me down ;(


        • Originally posted by Jena View Post
          I just HATE eating a tender, delicious, perfectly seasoned ribeye once a week. It really gets me down ;(
          I know its the pits huh? All that "heart clogging" buttery goodness and 'shrooms and onions covering the perfectly grilled ribeye steak. Damn shame somebody gotta eat it lol.
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          Primal since Spring 2012
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          Current Weight: 220lbs ish
          Goal Weight:190-200 lbs
          All on a 6ft. 1/2 inch frame.

          I can't wait to meet my abs for the first time in my life. We gotta lot of catching up to do.

          I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.


          • Originally posted by Grokdaddy View Post
            I know its the pits huh? All that "heart clogging" buttery goodness and 'shrooms and onions covering the perfectly grilled ribeye steak. Damn shame somebody gotta eat it lol.
            Its terrible. I'll end up eating my lunch far too early because I can't stand the though of my ribeye sitting in the fridge all lonely like it is.

            Frustration - my new size 6(UK/AUS) office dress is getting a little tight in the traps area. Maybe I should go back to the barbie weights?...
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            • It's the gambling that is getting to me, like 2 weeks ago in Macy's...”Should I buy the Large pants that are a little baggy or the pretty tight Mediums for our Italy trip in November...?” Bought the medium size.

              This morning: had to move the waistband buttons in because they weren't tight enough. Will they fit in 5 weeks?!

              I've only lost about 3 pounds since starting primal (with some dairy) a few weeks ago and am seriously bummed that I didn't take any "before" measurements. Because it only took about 2 weeks before my waist stopped puffing out (my post-menopausal doom? Not!) and started curving back in, then my thighs stopped hitting each other. The other odd thing is that my normally piano-wire-tight hamstrings loosened up by themselves. Thank you, bone broths!
              Late 50s, post-menopausal, low carb with some dairy, following the 5 Leptin Rules, taking ThyroGold, eating lots o' fiber and zero wheat with great results. My Primal Journal


              • Yeah, the real bugger, too, is how ridiculously nearly instantaneous things are.

                for example, if I have a bit of off primal stuff or a heavier (refeeding?) day, there's no change. Do that for several weeks, get a bit pudgy. Stop that, and 6 days later your'e back to normal.



                • Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                  I thought someone had moved the seat on the driver's side of my car back because the steering wheel felt far away. Then I noticed that the pedals were still reachable. That was an awesome day.
                  Ahhhh! *smacks head* I drive about once a month and the last time I got in the car I was paranoid that somehow someone else had been in my car (my car lives in a garage). The seat was just enough 'off' that I noticed something was different! Now I understand. Ha! My behind is smaller.


                  • after 2 months the new suit jacket (with a slim designation) is too big around the middle, what do we do to find a suit jacket?
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                    • Originally posted by Colloid View Post
                      after 2 months the new suit jacket (with a slim designation) is too big around the middle, what do we do to find a suit jacket?
                      Take it to a good alterations place...
                      Custom fit will look even better!
                      “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
                      ~Friedrich Nietzsche
                      And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


                      • OK, I have HUGE sadness and frustration right now.... probably partly my own fault.... I said I was only going to weigh myself once a week... but here ya go:

                        On day 8, I got on the scale and saw I had dropped 12 - 13 pounds! I was insanely happy. I have NOT cheated. Now, 5 days later I stepped on the scale, even though I said I wouldn't, and I was only down 5 pounds. Now, I have been doing MINOR exercise to start getting back in shape, but not much... very light lifting, and some aerobics.... maybe 90 minutes a week.
                        Start Date 9.24.12
                        Starting weight 285ish ( scale is acting funny so I don't trust it, but 285 is close )
                        CW - 271 pounds
                        First Goal - 255 by 2013
                        Main Goal - To be healthy for my family... I have an awesome family.
                        Other Goal - to get off some medications
                        Final goal - to get to about 180 pounds by 2014
                        NEW GOAL - When I can start a new journal called "Your dad is not so fat!"

                        Your Dad is So Fat


                        • Hi Primal Papa, in the first week, a lot of what you've lost is water, from the bloat in your digestive system and the extra glycogen your body was storing in your muscles. It's very, very normal to drop a lot within those first few days.

                          2nd, 5 lbs seems more normal and actually very good progress for a week! Congrats!! Eventually this might taper off for you, most of us actually stall for a week or two, then drop 3-5 lbs over night. This is very common. It's why many people say, throw away the scale and break out the tape measurer. Have you taken measurements yet? For myself, I've often found that when I stall, most times, I'm shrinking, and my pants fit looser.


                          Frustration: I bought a ticket to the Marine Ball this year, and I don't know whether to buy a dress now, and guestimate as to what size I'll be a month from now, or if I should just wait and try to find something at the last minute. Sometimes losing weight quickly sucks! :P


                          • Hello everyone! Newbie here :P I've been Primal for about 7 weeks now and a couple of amusing frustrations include:

                            1.) The belt I just bought a month and a half ago is now doing nothing to hold my pants up.

                            2.) I look like a self-absorbed narcissist because every time I pass a mirror I pause to look at myself....not in vanity, but out of shock! For having "only" lost 15 pounds I feel like the visual difference is more significant. The difference in how I *feel* certainly is.

                            3.) Nowadays, I of course get hungry less. But the weird thing is, when I do get hungry, rather than getting tired and irritable, as I always did and most people I know do, I seem to get a weird surge of energy, which tends to annoy people haha. I have no idea why this is, actually.


                            • Having to admit that your favourite, expensive jeans bought on an overseas trip really are too big in a not cool kind of way.
                              Finding out that another fave local chain doesn't actually make the on-sale jeans you want in the size you need - did they start dropping sizes as the general population gets bigger??
                              Finding new interesting threads on MDA and spending hours reading them when you really should be doing something else - like putting it all into action!


                              • My house smells like bacon.
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