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Primal is making me FAT! I am not a success story

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  • Primal is making me FAT! I am not a success story

    Urgent message to Mark and opinion of Forum members.

    Hi Mark and everyone. Here is the thing. Going primal has made me FAT!!! before anyone assumes anything here is my background. I was an ex body builder and competed in women's body building. So I was and still very strict with how I ate. Never had any fats such as butter or cream and only ate lean protein, always free range and lots of vegetables and I would have fruit such as strawberries and apples once a day. I did have oats in the morning with my breakfast but lived off egg whites not the yolk. When I was introduced to Marks daily apple I thought this is what I need to break out of my strict regime and get my body to being healthy. So I do cross fit training now, I eat all organic/free range butter, cream and meat and loads of green vegetables. I walk 4-5 days a week for about 45 minutes to one hour, here is the thing I am getting fatter.

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    Get your cortisol levels down.


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      I am totally not stressed at all. I do yoga, meditate daily. I live in Tasmania, Hobart a beautiful place to not be stressed in.


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        "loads of green vegetables"
        ? What does this mean?

        You are eating too many carbs. If you are eating any nuts or fruits then stop or drastically reduce these until your weight is in control.

        I suggest 25 carbs or LESS per day. Have you eliminated ALL Oatmeal & ALL grains completely? A bowl of Oatmeal is equal to a bowl of jelly beans.

        Also seriously look into your Leptin. See this link:

        I measure my ketones each day with keto sticks and at 25 carbs or less, I expect to be mildly ketonic each day. Just ONE apple eliminates ketones for up to 24 hours ! You should also occasionally measure your blood sugar levels before breakfast. Should be between 80 to 90 and definitely below 100.

        Do you have belly fat? How much do you weigh & how tall are you? What exactly are you drinking?



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          Hi there I don't eat oats now I haven't eaten them for four years, just to clarify I have been on Primal for four years, and I am not exaggerating I have a 'muffin top' from eating fats such as butter and cream. My carbs are only vegetables and they are all greans at most meals, such as broccoli, zucchini, bok choy, spinach and silver beet. not all at once at each meal I would normally have 2 -3 vegetables, all up maybe two cups. I only eat sweet pot once a week maybe not even that and pumpkin. I have stopped eating fruit apart from berries. Yep I do have belly fat I can grab onto it with both hands.


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            I have a 'muffin top' from eating fats such as butter and cream.
            That is not the reason for your muffin top.

            Yep I do have belly fat I can grab onto it with both hands
            I suggest you very strictly follow this optimized Paleo Diet:
            MY LEPTIN PRESCRIPTION | Jack Kruse

            This has done miracles for many on this board, myself included.

            How much do you weigh & how tall are you? What exactly are you drinking?

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              I only drink water and herbal tea. I was having black coffee with cream but have stopped that. I alllow myself 1-2 glasses of red wine a week. SOmetimes I don't have.

              I weigh 60kg and my height is 176cm. I know my weight should be between 65-70 but honestly I would have 8 fat rolls instead of the three I have now on my stomach.


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                I have just read the link you sent me, thanks, I don't have any cravings, I only eat three meals a day now, used to be 6 with body building which was four years ago and I now believe if I ate Fat like he mentioned I will become fatter!!! Sorry but I have been strict primal for four years and have not seen the results!


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                  60 kg = 132.277 lb
                  176 cm = 5.7 feet

                  Congrats to you. You are in so much better shape than many on this board, you could be obese or worse! Losing the last 5 lbs is extremely tough especially for women.

                  I'm very sorry to say, but your fruits & treats have got to go. NO wine and NO snacking-EVER, even if it is healthy nuts. After your belly fat has gone, then it is time to reward yourself with treats. You have no choice but to slash your carbs to 25 or less per day, I don't care what color they are.
                  Try Coconut Manna for your treat.

                  I suggest following this diet to the letter for 8 weeks:
                  MY LEPTIN PRESCRIPTION | Jack Kruse



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                    thanks, I don't have any cravings,
                    Did you pass the Mirror Test? If not, then follow his diet plan to the letter. The "Mirror Test" is the main determination.

                    Follow Dr. Kruse for the 8 weeks and see if that doesn't work for you.
                    If it doesn't work, then try something else. ( I am certain it will work out well for you )

                    Your problem is caused by a Hormone Imbalance, and Dr. Kruse is a specialist in this area. He lost over 150 lbs of fat himself, and so KNOWS what he is talking about. Trust him. A lot of us on this board follow him with great success.

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                      Hang on...

                      5'9", under 9 1/2 stone. That makes you somewhat underweight, if anything. I'd be very surprised if you have 'rolls of fat' on your stomach at that weight and height and activity level; I expect you have folds of skin.

                      I'm worried that what you're seeing in the mirror might not be the reality. Can you get an objective second opinion?


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                        I have a Better Idea:
                        I suggest JoS post a picture of herself for us. I am a FINE judge of a woman's belly, being the Hotsy Totsy American Male that I am I promise to be an objective judge.

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                          I'm getting the feeling that JoS is one giant troll.


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                            I second the notion of pictures. also, you should read what I just wrote in a really creepy voice for the desired effect
                            this great blue world of ours seems a house of leaves, moments before the wind


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                              Erm, a lot of specific recommendations here... it's also worth asking if you've tried going back to your old way of eating? (and also overall calories intake, and exercise... ie has your bodybuilding dropped enormously?). This road is not the only road, much as it's worked for many of us...