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  • Vibrams

    So for my birthday present this year, I asked for a pair of Vibrams. But, no one seems to have the ones I want in stock.

    Even Vibram is out of the Red and Black Sprints. The best I can find is the rather unappealing Navy Blue Camo sprints.

    I tried on a pair of the KSOs... and they just felt too much like a shoe to me. I am so used to walking truly barefoot or with sandals that the extra material on the top of my foot was uncomfortable. The classics I tried on just felt too unsecured to be useful for trail running.

    Sprints seem to be my best bet, but I simply do not want that terrible blue. Yes... i am prissy... and yes... i will chose fashion over function if i have the option.

    Thoughts, ideas, suggestions for online resources?

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    I just got a pair online for myself and had trouble finding the right color/size combo too.

    Did you try the local store locator? Retail locations may have a better selection (or could order them for you).

    What size are you looking for?


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      i tried that route. Only one local retailer even had them in stock. I was able to try them on, which was nice because I thought I wanted KSOs until I felt them on my feat.

      I even went to REI today to see what they had. They don't carry them in store, but if someone returns a mis-sized shoe to the store they put it on display.

      I did discover that the sprints are sized a little differently than the KSOs.

      I am not 100% sure yet, but by all accounts from the sizing chart on Vibrams website I am a 40 or a 41 in the sprints. One of my feet is 10" exactly... the other is 10 1/4".


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        These two sites have Men's Red Sprints in 40: and


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          you rock!