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Optimal carb intake for different people

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  • Optimal carb intake for different people


    I'm wondering how many carbs people here consume.

    Personally I aim for 100-150 grams, preferrably closer to the 150 grams (primal blueprint maintenance range).

    I've tried going under that several times, for example in the under 80 range, but I start feeling kind of slow and start sleeping very badly and waking up consistently throughout the night.

    Still I see a lot of people here claiming to feel awesome at almost zero carbs.

    So how many carbs are you guys eating per day? And have you experimented with lower/higher intakes and how did that go?

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    100-150g a day. I can go under 50g for a day (or two if I restrict my activity). Any longer and I have no energy.

    I discovered this through trial and error. I've gone a few weeks on nothing but meat, fat and low-carb veggies (broccoli, spinach), but it was definitely not a sustainable life-style.


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      I've not gone super low carb, but can share that I typically aim for the 150 g range (100-150, but closer to 150 like yourself.) Actually, I was at 76g carbs yesterday (doing survival week) and did wake up in the middle of the night multiple times. I've read about this b/4 as well. I'm feeling my need for carbs lessening as I've recently been avoiding natural sugars (like raw honey) which I had been doing regularly. But I have not spent much time very low carb so can't really comment on it...

      I'm also nursing my toddler (who nurses a LOT), which I think makes a difference as well...

      I'd be interested if there are differences between men and women irt this as well...(I'm a woman, if you didn't guess by the nursing toddler stuff


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        100-150 grams also.

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