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    I have visible muscles and it's freaking me out!

    Okay so here's the deal. I don't have a scale. I'm in rural Mexico and heading home to Canada in two weeks. At my highest weight several years ago I was 320 pounds. I went low carb and dropped down to 240, stopped low carbing and gained 30 or 40 pounds back. Moved to Mexico, lost some but who knows how much.

    This is me about 6 weeks ago at aprox 250 pounds, before going primal, during a nice vigorous hike:

    And this is me today! These have been my "in case I lose weight" pants most of the time I've been here, but now they're my "almost fit well enough to wear on the plane" pants!

    Today in the shower, I accidentally poked myself in the arm, and was all like "Woah! My arm is all hard and stuff! That's weird! It's not supposed to be like that!" Then I stopped and felt it, and thought about it and was like, "Ooooohhhh! It IS supposed to be like that!" Hah!

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    That's some rockin' progress! Keep it up. It only gets better. Congratulations!
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    Primal Kane


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      Go with it!

      ~Time to kick ass and take names, brother!


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        FABULOUS!!! Rock on, and Grok on!
        F, 44 years old, 111.8 lbs, 4 feet 11.5 inches (yes, that half inch matters!)

        **1st place sparring, AAU TKD regional qualifier, 2/15/15 - It's damn good to hit like a girl!**

        **First-ever 5K race 11/28/13: 37 minutes, 18+ seconds, no stopping**


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          And, hey, those pants are buttoned and zipped. That counts as fitting into that new smaller size in my world!


          ETA: And am I reading that correctly? Only six weeks?
          "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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            Go, Bex! Keep on Grokin'!

            Your story sounds...and looks...familiar! I was so afraid of the scale that I wouldn't get on one for months before I started. I judged my size by the seat of my pants -- pun fully intended!

            Now I'm glad to say that I've dropped from a size 22/24W (depending on cut) to an 18/20W and still going strong. (been at it for 12 weeks)

   ready for those folks (if you haven't encountered them already) here up north to give you the 'look' ~ the one that says "no wonder you're big, you eat all that butter and other fat". Until we get down to "normal" sizes (or are around people who see our progress on a regular basis) the anti-fat-league (anti both dietary and bodily fat) has agents everywhere just aching to bring us down from our Grok-y Mountain High.
            Started 7/5/11 at 274 lbs
            Now 214 -- that's 60 lbs!
            Goal 160 lbs -- last time there was in junior high!

            "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." (Margaret Thatcher)


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              that's awesome. your muscles rock.


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                Thanks for the encouragement folks! Yes, those pictures are taken only six weeks apart. We've been here for six months, but the pastries and other delicious cane sugar sweets were very tempting for the first little while! The biggest shock will be going back to Canadian food prices. Luckily I don't have to deal with strangers much, and I'm sure my friends and family will be able to see the difference since the last time I saw them - that's the great thing about being away for six months at a time! It's a lot easier to give that *shock* effect!


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                  You look amazing, thanks for posting.


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                    Great job, way to rock those VFF's!

                    height: 5' 10 1/2"
                    2/20/11: 210
                    9/19/11: 185.5
                    goal: #170

                    "Decide what to be, and go be it."


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                      woah. In just six weeks thats incredible. You are looking fabulous


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                        I'm brand new here and I wanted to say WOO HOO great job! Thanks for sharing and helping motivate


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                          SO give me hope that this will work! It's been very effective for you so far, and in such a few short weeks!

                          Can't wait to see you when you get home. Today is my LHT, the first one of my challenge. It's pathetic how weak I am compared to last year. Oh well, that will change soon enough!


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                            It's true! Watching the numbers creep up on my 5EM days has been such a great motivation.... Time to get back on track now that Thanksgiving is done, heh.