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Two months in, 11 lbs down, clothes falling off

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  • Two months in, 11 lbs down, clothes falling off

    So, I started Primal July 26, along with my regular practice of Bikram hot yoga (I had been doing Bikram since April with no body changes.)

    Today, Sept 20 I have...

    Lost 11 lbs. This may not seem like much, but...
    Have gained a lot of muscle. Obvious tone in legs, arms and back, tummy shrinking.
    And here's the best part -- my clothes are falling off.

    I am fitting into jeans I haven't worn in years -- and that I wore when I was a good 10 lbs lighter than I am now. I never realized, trully, how much more muscle weighs compared to fat.

    I had to go buy new clothes for work because my office pants are way too big to fit. I almost lost one pair in a meeting!

    When I started I was a size 10/11 in pants, size 12/13 in top. Large shirts were a bit too tight.

    Today, I am a size 8/9 pants, 10/11 top. Large shirts are too big, but medium are still a bit too tight (large chested.)

    My band size in my ba has gone down from 42 to 40, and the 40s are getting too big. Still a DDD cup, but no longer bursting out of DDD and into G.

    I tried to lose this baby weight on WW for well over a year, and lost 2 measly lbs while being constantly hungry.

    I am rarely hungry now.

    Thanks, Mark!

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    Congratulations on having so many positive things happen all at once!
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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      congrats that is great! very motivating and inspiring too!
      I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

      You're never going to get to the top of the stairs if you don't walk up them.