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weight stopped coming off?

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  • weight stopped coming off?

    i started about 5 weeks ago ... lost about 28-29 lbs since then ..

    but for the last 1-2 weeks im stickin right around the same weight .. i believe im building a small amount of muscle, but not enough to make much of any difference. ..

    at teh suggestion of a good friend i gave up fruits (was eating only berries) to try to get back in control .. i also had tried fasting a couple of days for say 18 hours or so .. but to no avail

    i have been eating 100% primal .. not large portions either .. and no exercise other than walking

    im 6'1" and stuck right at 269 ...

    i shouldnt complain, because i feel much better and that near 30 lb weight loss has made a huge difference in self confidence, looks, etc .. but i want to keep losing .. my goal going forward is to lose 8-10lbs a month ... which should put me near goal weight in 6 months or so ...

    any ideas? things i can change?
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    Some ideas:
    Carb cycle (check the nutrition board for details)

    Leptin reset (same board has details)

    Log your food intake in a nutrition program for a few days and see if there are things that pop out as issues (too much dairy or nuts are common ones)

    Realize that the first 30 lbs came off of a body that had a higher maintenance weight - you need less food to maintain 269 than you did to maintain around 300 - so you may have hit equilibrium with your current diet.

    Switch things up a bit in terms of carb/protein/fat ratio and number of calories per day - sometimes this gives you the nudge your body needs

    Make sure you are well nourished - take any supplements you need to get at least your RDAs for all nutrients - and get extra vitamin D3 2000-4000 IUs

    Unless you are eating over a cup of berries a day I wouldn't think that would be a big issue - but charting your eating will tell you that - I like for that because it gives a lot of detail.

    Check the omega3:6 ratios you are eating - avocados, bacon, fatty chicken and pork and especially nuts are very high in omega 6 which can cause inflammation and stall weight loss.

    I hope some of these ideas are helpful

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      Originally posted by touchdowntodd View Post
      any ideas? things i can change?
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        The first few weeks the weight just flies off. After that, it does get a little tougher. You can try different things, but it's pretty normal to plateau for a while, then start back up again. Can you post what a typical day is like for you?


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          Don't focus on weight. Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit. You WILL lose more pounds but don't worry about that now.

          Your body is not just gaining muscle. By following the primal blueprint you are gaining other lean body stuff such as bone density and connective tissue.

          Try some "sprints," which don't have to be running. If walking extra fast gets you out of breath, that's fine. Try walking uphill. Or do it biking, swimming, or whatever. Go 30 seconds as hard as you can. Then 90 second slow recovery. Repeat for 8 reps twice a week. While you "sprint," imagine a tiger or shark is chasing you. Make your body think it barely escaped and needs to get stronger to survive.

          Hang in there. It will happen.
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            I've been "stalled" at around 157 for about 2 months now. Not really worrying - seeing new veins popping up and clothes are getting looser


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              Don't sweat it. I had (and have) plateaus that last weeks, or even a month long. Just keep doing what your doing and you will break through it. My mom started PB recently and has waited en entire month in horror as the scale only moved 1-2lbs. I managed to convince her to keep doing it (and her knowing the success I've had definitely helped) as it turns out at the end of the month she's lost about 10lbs total.

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                When your gain in lean body mass is equal to your fat loss, the scale will be at a standstill. So you can be losing fat while not losing weight. Relax and trust in the process. Pay close attention to your body, how it looks and feels and how your clothes fit. When you observe positive changes you can be confident that you're on the right track. The number on your scale is not the only way to gauge your health and your fat loss.


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                  Throw away your scale and relax.
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                    30 pounds in 5 weeks? that is amazing
                    I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

                    You're never going to get to the top of the stairs if you don't walk up them.


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                      i know its amazing.. i just wanna make sure im not making any mistakes ...

                      no nuts, very very little fruit .. no dairy other than eggs (approx 2 per day)

                      here is an average day for food:


                      2 eggs
                      2 slices bacon, 2 patties sausage, or leftover meat from dinner
                      5-10 baby carrots


                      leftovers i cook for the week
                      typically pork roast, ground beef patties, pork chops
                      brocolli or eggplant as a side


                      baked chicken legs
                      baby carrots

                      i typically eat about 1/3 a pound meat for dinner or lunch .. i only drink water ... food is just basic with seasoning .. sometimes hot sauce as well (trader joes with minimal ingredients and not very much of it) ..

                      occasionaly, like 1 time a week a small square of 85%+ chocolate, or a plum or berries

                      only excercise daily is about a 1/2 mile walk with the dog at night and sometimes in morning as well..
                      started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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                        Eggs would fall into the meat category not dairy. Baby chickens.


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                          How come you're not exercising? You say you believe you may be building muscle, but you're not exercising, did you stop on purpose or something, fearing that it's making the scale not budge?

                          Forget all that, get in the weight room and start moving heavy weight. If you're a stranger to it then start as easy as you have to, empty bar if need be. Stronglifts 5x5 or Starting Strength 3x5 are both great. Try either for a few months, even if you're not into weight-lifting they'll put some good muscle on your frame and that scale will definitely move -- not that it matters, but you will see changes on your body.

                          I don't think you need to cut out berries, but if you're okay with it then carry on. I'm pretty confident adding a good strength training routine, coupled with your eating will produce good results in body composition I'm not claiming you'll "lose weight" but as stated all over this thread, that doesn't matter as much as shedding body fat. Muscle takes up less space, so you should be happy to trade off that way. The scale can show the same number, but the reality underneath will be vastly different.
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                            Originally posted by Apex Predator View Post
                            Throw away your scale and relax.


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                              no dairy other than eggs (approx 2 per day)
                              Eggs are not dairy. I know that they are typically kept in, or right next to, the dairy section of the grocery store; but that is only for consumer convenience and to keep them cold. You're not the only person to lump eggs in with dairy because of this. However, dairy is defined as milk and food made from milk products. So enjoy your eggs!
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