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  • EXCITED!!!

    I just finished reading PB and put up a review on my blog so that others can learn of Mark's efforts. I hope I did him justice!

    While I've been reading the book, I've been collecting recipes, beginning to eat Primal and continuing my research. Last night was the first time I was able to put together a recipe from this site. I had the Sweet Italians Sausage Meatballs. Whether with some marinara sauce or without, they were INCREDIBLE. I ate 6-8 of them and was totally satiated (that is a word, correct?)

    I know there is a Kettlebell under the tree with my name on it as well as P90X Plus. I'm doing mostly bodyweight exercises this week, but I plan to fully re-engage my workout regimen with new zeal with these new tools to get my primal lifestyle in full swing.

    I'm so anxious for the winter to pass so I can take my kettlebell to the nearest playground. I'm envisioning a fun workout with pull-ups, KB swings and climbing in the near future. I'm also pondering the thought of a large tire for the backyard for me to move around (if the wife is willing...).

    In a nutshell, I'm so excited about the Primal way. The contributions on here, not to mention the posts by Mark, are highly motivating, encouraging and informational. It is as though a light has been turned on for me. And with a family that has diabetes throughout its members, I'm fully amped to break the cycle and show my kids a better way to eat, live and play.

    Grok On!

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    Thanks for the review, jpickett1968, and congrats on your life changes!

    Stay in touch and Grok on!


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      I'm humbled Mark! Great book, great thoughts and well written book. I've only talked to about a jillion people about it and I'm glad the review was well received. My new home page is this site and I'm anxious to produce my results down the road.