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"is that sustainable??!??"

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  • "is that sustainable??!??"

    I was telling my sister-in-law that I couldn't have bread. She retorts "is that sustainable??!??"
    OMG my brain was screaming "the way YOU are eating is not sustainable!! You're killing yourselves!!".
    My brother is about 325 SIL is about 265. He's a chef!!
    They eat loads and loads of garbage day-after-day.
    They do try to eat "healthy"...But it's low fat!! And healthy grains!! He told me I shouldn't eat the skin on my chicken thighs (LOL)

    I'm hoping that my changes will result in my weight-loss and obvious health improvements. An unspoken "told-ya-so".

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    It can be very frustrating. I've learned around certain people to just keep my trap shut. There are so many friends and family members I wish would listen to some of my suggestions, but they won't and think I'm a kook for making the 180 degree turn I've made in the way I choose to nourish myself. I grew up in my parents bar and grill and my sister is a chef and I had a dream of being a pastry chef.
    The best way to show them is to lead by example.
    kiss = keep it simple, sister!


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      A friend had lap band surgery, is sucking down protein bars, and told me that chicken and fish have more protein than beef.

      It's sustainable for me, and that's all the shit I can give.


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        Sustainable? I calmly walk away and laugh when I hear something like that. Grains are historically "starvation food." Is that sustainable? No. No culture has eaten a vegetarian diet. None. So when someone asks if how you're supposed to eat is sustainable....laugh at their face and ask them how they can sustain a 55 inch waist.