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ok, i am convinced

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  • ok, i am convinced

    i believed all the science and posts that i saw about the primal diet

    it made sense to me and the science looked solid

    but these last few days have really been... enlightening... in a bad way

    i never went 100% primal or anything, but since school started and for most of the summer i'd been eating the vast majority of my foods as being meat and veggies in some combo. milk was still in the diet but not by huge amounts. i hadn't really been super conscious about it, i just had been cooking the majority of my own food, and not buying things with grains. when i went out to eat i didn't really concern myself with what i was getting, but i only went out to eat a few times a week at most.

    so these last few days have been busy time for school with finals and projects and whatnot, and just general disorganization with my life (not finding time to go to the gym, having my room be a complete and utter mess, etc)... and that, combined with running out of things in my fridge and not visiting the farmers market recently, has also led to me somehow eating whatever food was most convenient, free food, takeout, etc.

    I had pizza like 4 times in the last several days

    wednesday the things i ate were a bagel, an apple, a ginger cake, and half a pizza

    thursday i ate a donut, pizza (twice), lasagna, and a beer

    and i hadn't even been taking my multivitamin and fish oil like i was regularly before

    and drinking my daily protein shake

    everything has just straight up gone bad

    and honestly i feel like complete and utter crap today

    so even though i was never hardcore about this primal business... i mean, that all has to mean something, because i haven't felt like this in so long

    today i gotta start again. breakfast of salmon, bacon, broccoli.

    ughhhhh bluhhhh

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    Yea... it really does make a difference. I feel like crap sometimes even after a single cheat meal.

    Welcome back.

    You do have time to cook, clean your room and excersise. I'm married with kids, work 9-5 and still find time to hang out with my family, buy good food, cook, excersise, etc.

    I was in school once... I thought I was busy too... turned out... I was lazy


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      It's never to late to start fresh again.

      I mean, all that bad food is going to have to catch up with you eventually and make you sick to your stomack. I'd say that would be a good motivational point for you to kick it in a high gear and start over.


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        Yeah, I wasn't too busy, I was just too lazy and my mind was distracted

        At the very least it provides motivation. And a few days isn't significant in the long term as long as I learn my lesson.

        But I really do feel terrible today...


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          What's especially sad about this is I keep cans of tuna lying around for emergencies like this. And this makes Mark's article on carb binging all the more believable. Nothing like first hand experience...


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            Well, now you know It's always more convincing to experience something like that than to always be thinking "what if I'm different".

            Props for coming to a solid conclusion and getting yourself back on track


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              Thanks. Felt it would be good to share, both for advice/responses and so other people can learn from it.

              Sooo... how long for this hangover-y feeling to go away anywho? This workout won't be too pleasant I feel.


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                Sooo... how long for this hangover-y feeling to go away anywho?

                It&#39;s like 3 days for me, but then we are all unique, and I&#39;m 34. Embrace your hangovers, they are a good motivator to stay in track.

                “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
                "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
                "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass." -Martin Mull


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                  Thanks for the info. Hope this goes away soon. I kind of wish I started feeling like crap earlier so that I would stop this carb festival instead of letting my laziness prevail for ~4-5 days.


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                    Ah, the pizza hangover. For the last 15 years I thought that was just how my body felt. Now I know it&#39;s much worse than I should feel.


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                      "Yeah, I wasn&#39;t too busy, I was just too lazy and my mind was distracted"

                      lol... glad you admitted it

                      The feeling lasts a couple of days... you&#39;ll be fine in no time.


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                        The bad-meal hangover seems like a pretty universal experience. The thing that throws me off the most these days is drinking, particularly beer. I guess it&#39;s a combination of assaulting the sytem with two kinds of "poison" (grain carbs and alcohol) all at once. I find I literally feel sick just about any time I have as few as two or three drinks in an entire evening (and sometimes literally get sick). My stomach just can&#39;t take it like it used to! I could maybe avert the issue by stuffing myself with empty carbs...

                        Overall, though, I think this is a good thing as it means I&#39;m drinking a whole lot less (not that I was drinking excessively before), but it sure is unpleasant when it happens. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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                          I try to drink light beer when I do drink beer. Otherwise, i drink red wine and burboun... doesn&#39;t have the same effect.

                          But yes, after about 6 beers... i&#39;ll eat anything :d