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  • Quick Brag ;)

    After catching some virus or other from my kids (I was relatively healthy before I had kids), I stayed out of the gym for about 5 days. I've been back for a couple days, and the compliments from people who just haven't noticed me for awhile just keep piling on. It's awesome, plus I get to plug MDA!

    People who never looked at me twice are suddenly noticing that I've changed. And all of them say it's for the better. I seriously had a guy stop me and say something like, "Don't take this wrong, but I remember when you first started working out here. You're looking really good now. Damn, girl, what have you been doing?" That last sentence was his exact words. I remember because it cracked me up.

    I went home and checked myself out. I've still got work to do, but I look better and am healthier than I've ever been. And MDA has made this so awesomely simple. I want to give Mark Sisson a big bear hug for breaking down what I need to do and showing me how do-able it all is. YAY MDA!
    Motherhood: When changing from pj pants to yoga pants qualifies as 'getting dressed'.

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    Congratulations on your current and future successes!
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        Yes a big congratulations on your success. Make sure you do not become complacent and stick to your game plan.


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          Yay! Good feedback is fabulous!

          I've had two co-workers today tell me I'm 'skinny'. I'm still 15-20 lbs overweight and still see a big person when I look in the mirror, but I'll take it

          One co-worker is a die-hard veggie - tried converting her but no luck. The other probably wouldn't do the PB, but if she asks, I'll certainly tell her.
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            You gotta love being called skinny! I know I would.
            Motherhood: When changing from pj pants to yoga pants qualifies as 'getting dressed'.