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A calories by time of day chart?

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  • A calories by time of day chart?

    Hi, new to the forum. Discovered Mark's great site from a link when I was researching low carb diets. What a find! Several years ago I came across the pro-saturated fats writings of Dr. Mary Enig and others and became a convert. The use of grains and grain based oils reasons I did not like about most of the diets. Like Mark, I had some sense of we aren't eating what our ancestors did, but I didn't know what to make of it. Mark filled the blanks. Thank you!

    I've lost 20 pounds since mid-April but didn't discover PB until two weeks ago. I have found a whole lot of ways that help me meet my diet goals, but I won't put them all out here at once. But this is something I did that helps me tremendously.

    I made a simple table in the old word processor with four columns. Three of them have calories per day goals, in my case, 2400, 2000, 1700. The left most column has time of day by hour, 8am to midnight. At each cross point is a number of calories, increasing through the day, from zero at 8am to the total at midnight.

    This lets me know how I am doing at any time of day and prevents that end of day realization that I ate too much! That does not mean a meal has to be, say, 150 calories. But if I have eaten 800 calories by 1pm, I know that I must hold off until a certain time after that, depending on my calories per day goal.

    No more fighting my impulse to eat, no more wondering how I will fare today.

    Oh yes, this is coupled with Fitday, which I learned of from MDA.

    Did I reinvent the wheel? Anyone else doing this?

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    I do something pretty similiar. I enter my food intake into Fitday to make sure my carbs are between 50-60. Sometimes i'll do this on my lunch hour so i can plan dinner. After getting away from the Zone i'm really trying to not let myself get too caught up in the logging anymore though! I'll admit i'm terrified of gaining weight, but that obsession w/ numbers can really wear you down!


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      As to numbers obsession, that's how you know what is going on. Believe me, I hate record keeping. I don't do my checking account, for instance. Anyway, one reason I'm sure I never lost weight previously is I just wasn't serious enough. If it is going to take a numbers obsession (which is all over this and entire diet oriented site), I'm doing it!

      But a computer definitely makes it easier with all those instantaneous calculations and reports it can generate.