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Coffee and Intermittent Fasting

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  • Coffee and Intermittent Fasting

    Mistake - posted in wrong forum section

    Original Post:
    "Pretty simple, I did find one thread here with really no definite answer. I don't really understand the nature of fasting, for proper execution my understanding is drink water, zero calories in, no solid food as that sparks up digestion and you're defeating the purpose. A close Paleo friend of mine is trying to convince me that coffee, tea, and low-calorie drinks like them are fine while fasting.

    To save you some time on google, an 8-oz cup of brewed coffee is roughly 2 calories, a combination of fat and protein, with ~95mg of caffeine, depending on your brewing technique and roast. I like to drink roughly 3-4 6-oz cups over the course of two hours.

    Will drinking my day's worth of coffee (~6 calories worth) break my 24 hour IF?

    Tell me what you think!"
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    Welcome to the forum. In response to your question:

    No. Martin Berkhan on Leangains fame (Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health) is an avid proponent of coffee consumption during fasting. He has the results to back up what he says. I believe that the calorie burning boost from caffeine helps you burn many more calories than the coffee itself contains.


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      Two calories may as well be zero; it's probably equivalent to accidentally swallowing a gnat.


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        Check the IF primers in the nutrition section. I believe PKLopp, who wrote them, IFed with a cup of coffee with cream in the morning. I usually don't eat til afternoon sometime and drink tea with cream a few times before that. I don't know if it is a real fast, but in terms of weight loss and energy, it is working like one.

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          The way I do my IF is I never eat breakfast... Lunch at 11:30-12:30 then dinner around 5ish on non gym day or 7-8 on a gym day.

          Every morning when I get to work I get myself a pint of starbucks french roast black (I know we are spoiled) sometimes two.

          I find it perks me up nicely in the morning. Also I find it supresses any apitite I may have till lunch (best perk ever)

          Good luck


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            I drink coffee (though trying for mostly tea, coffee hits me a little too hard if I over indulge) with cream or coconut milk.

            To be very honest, I'm not fully concerned with whether I'm "truly" fasting or not. Today for instance I forgot to pack a lunch and I'm not in the mood to spend $10 on food (NYC is ridiculous) so I went to Starbucks, got a tea and asked for an extra cup, put a ton of cream on it and plan on letting that hold me over until 6pm. The fat in the cream helps stave off hunger, if it hits.

            Some people say this is fine as it *may* interrupt a fast but your body quickly returns to the fasted state once it's done digesting whatever negligible calories you might intake, as I stated before, I don't particularly care. I've been doing it this way for a long time and highly doubt the cream in my tea is an issue, I've gone without as well and haven't noticed dramatic changes.

            Will you get better results going without fat, yeah possibly, most likely even, but I doubt it's anything remarkable, or note-worthy. Some even argue that using coconut milk (instead of cream) helps fat-burning due to the CLA's and MCT's in coconut milk. I'm due for a delivery of coco milk soon so I'll be switching over to that.
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              I've been drinking black coffee in the morning, and it is fine. berkhan recommends minimal milk in the coffee. but as others have stated, they have done ok with cream. I usually drink 2 cup , one before leaving house ,and the other at work. Considering I used to drink cream/sweet coffee, I've been fine with the taste of black coffee these days. no need for cream.


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                Of course, a lot of foods that cause insulin sufficient to reduce fat metabolism, insulin and discourages the lipolysis. But here we are talking about the cream in coffee, which is not only low in calories, but it is mostly fat and therefore does not stimulate insulin release.


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                  I asked this question to Mark directly at Primalcon since he often posts he has coffee in the morning and in his keynote address (it will be a future podcast episode) he mentioned the benefits of IF.

                  Here was his take: a typical bulletproof coffee will break the fast. Just too many calories. Especially mine as I add a pastured egg yolk. But a coffee with a bit of cream is fine. Makes sense. So days when I am feeling totally full when I wake up I am doing just a coffee with a little cream now.