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    As I've mentioned in the past, I was eating vegan (as opposed to eating vegans) prior to paleo, ostensibly to control my cholesterol.

    That is, until I got my blood checked, and saw what veganism was doing to my body:

    Total Cholesterol: 235
    Triglycerides: 212
    HDL: 72
    LDL: 121
    VLDL: 42
    CHOL/HDL 3.3

    My line of thinking was something like this: "Mercy me! That ain't good. I gave up steak and cheese for THAT? Pfff. Screw you, tempeh! I never liked you anyway!"

    Well, actually, it wasn't quite like that. I'll be honest -- it freaked me out. A lot. Fortunately, that same week a friend posted about this awesome new diet he was on!

    Long story short, we are now at six months of paleo/primal eating, and hey? How am I doing? Let's see!
    Total Cholesterol: 267
    Triglycerides: 74
    HDL: 72
    LDL: 180
    VLDL: 15
    CHOL/HDL: 3.7

    Holy triglycerides, Batman! Check out that change. My poor doctor is concerned about the LDL, but I'm not -- I'm 99.9% certain they're pattern A, but I'm going to get that test done anyway for her peace of mind as well as mine. That's going to be about three months from now. In the meantime, still losing weight, still eating awesome food.

    What's not so good is my C-Reactive Protein at 2.0. However, I have no previous numbers to benchmark this against, and I am suspecting that it's improved since February. I also suspect that it'll go down as I lose more weight and keep the thyroid in line. I may consider trying a nightshade elimination to see if it helps my CRP.

    A1C also checks out good at 5.4. Not great, but nothing to worry about. Again, no prior numbers to test against.

    My goal since my birthday last year was to get my cholesterol in line. Veganism didn't do it. Paleo/primal did. Mission accomplished.
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