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What did YOU learn this year?

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    @ SerialSinner ... I hear you on the beer thing.

    It really is NOT something I want to give up, but I may have to (or just *blasphemy* switch to light beer from here on out).

    I had *one* beer and a handful of corn chips w/ guac/bean dip tonight to celebrate kicking my sedimentology final's butt, and I feel all gross and bloated now. It's amazing how much little changes can make a difference.

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      I learned this year that:

      I should continue to ask questions and to explore the limits of my knowledge. It is because I was asking questions and because I wanted to learn more on food that I decided to go Primal, which led to not only a greater insight in the things I ate, but also in the way I live.

      I also learned that you can gain respect from people, and also inspire people, by a way of life and that you CAN make a change to yourself and your environment, no matter how crazy people think you are or how set they are in their beliefs of Conventional Wisdom. (And also that this website and the comments on it have helped me persist in the Primal lifestyle and have giving me inspiration. Be it for recipes, lifestyle tips, personal stories or other experiences)

      There are a lot more things that I can write down, but the most important thing is that I genuinely feel more happy and more alive than any other time in my life. For this I am truly thankful.

      Thank you all for helping me have a great year! Now I'm off to celebrate!


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        In 2009, I learned the most through experience. The feel of a crack in the sidewalk through vibrams. The rush that comes after a strong deadlift. A new sense of emotional stability that comes from minimizing grains and sugars. And, personally, an end to seasonal affective disorder after supplementing with vitamin D.


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          Learned that -

          1) The lifestyle that I thought was healthy is actually not at all healthy (Grains, whole wheat bread etc)

          2) Fat should not be completely avoided.

          3) Cows are friends and food !

          4) Go Nuts !

          5) Lift heavy


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            I've learned that the theory of evolution is re-affirmed readily by the foods I eat & by the way I walk.

            I've learned that there really is something to a more natural, organic lifestyle.

            Days after walking/running barefoot, as our ancestors did for thousands of years, my back pain ended. Back pain that a chiropractor could alleviate for only a few hours, now gone.

            Three weeks into the primal diet, I've lost 10 pounds and feel more energetic & in control of food than I can ever recall being.

            I've learned that our nation's food supply is anything but "natural" & that buying organic is good for me, the environment, & our progeny.

            I've learned that raw veggies & fruit can taste as sweeter & better than any processed dessert.

            I've learned that raw almonds, coconut, walnuts & sunflower seeds make a better movie snack than popcorn & candy.

            I've learned, again, that the mainstream isn't necessarily the correct one.

            I've learned that next year I'm going to look & feel much better than I did this year.


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              I learned that there is ALWAYS something more to learn. I have been a student of life for a long time and always keep an open mind to new ideas.

              Since I found the Primal Lifestyle, I feel as if I am rediscovering how it really feels to feel great.

              In short...I have learned more.


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                1) Light workouts, like walking my dog, are just as important as high intensity workouts.

                2) Fun workouts, like surfing, are just as important.

                3) Rest days are G-O-L-D.

                4) I'm not 15 anymore (see #3).

                5) The MDA community is one of endless knowledge - thanks all


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                  It's cheesey and cliche, but 2009 really taught me A LOT about myself!

                  I learned that I can survive 8 hours a day of Korean-language study for 64 weeks (job related!) and still maintain my sanity!

                  (Prior to reading and subscribing to the Primal Blueprint, mind you...) I learned that I'm capable of running a 10K.

                  I learned I'm capable of a week-long hike through 'un-beaten' paths in the Washington wilderness while toting a heavy-@$$ ruck. It may not sound like much, but as a city-girl from Seattle, I was pretty pleased with this accomplishment!

                  I learned about Crossfit...although sometimes I question whether or not this is a good thing... ;-p

                  And (of course!) I learned about the awesomeness that is The Primal Blueprint and Mark's Daily Apple!

                  Happy New Year!


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                    I've learned a lot about nutrition and myself since I met Grok in 2009. I have a lot of good information that I've put to use, and I feel the longer I Grok-out the more natural it feels. I guess that's the point, isn't it?

                    One of my biggest take-aways has been the 80/20 "rule" and learning how to forgive myself for not being the perfect Grok. This has allowed me to live more freely within the framework without making it feel like a constant chore.


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                      I learned to trust my body. I always "felt" that my body needed plenty of animal fats and very minimal grains...but we are always told "less fat, more complex carbohydrate". I feel SO much better eating this way!


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                        I learned that I will never stop learning about health and what works for my body.

                        I learned that getting rid of grains got rid of the bloat that I've had for over two years. That alone was worth it.

                        I've learned not to fear fat... as long as it's healthy.

                        I've learned that my walking, which everybody kept telling me wasn't really cardio... is the best workout I have.

                        I learned that although it's been 15 years since I've taken a dance class-- and it kicks my ass still-- I will keep going and getting stronger and better.

                        I've learned that there are a lot of people I can talk to about this kind of thing-- just none that I know in person.

                        I can't wait for another year of learning... progressing... getting better.

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                          WOW what a year 2009 has been for me! I have learned so much about myself within the past 365 days but there is one thing that stands out the most. And that thing is this: In order to get what you want you have to get really selffish, dig down deep & gather every ounce of intestinal fortitude you have! This is what fuels the action & motivates you to keep going!

                          Oh yeah I have also learned that Mark & MDA have the power to change lives! Thank you all so much!


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                            1. That i can achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

                            2. That i love to exercise.

                            3. That i am not indestructible and can get myself into trouble with #2.

                            4. Real food tastes good. "Diet" foods are a waste of time.

                            5. I am not my job.


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                              I learned that my "self-diagnosed" low blood sugar was my body reacting to the insulin roller coaster I was riding.

                              I learned the first 3 weeks of primal are hell, but once you get through them you realize how much better your body feels.

                              I learned that it's pretty easy to mess up occasionally but I don't beat myself up over it!

                              Happy New Year!