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  • Daisygg's Primal Beginning

    Mon, Dec 7, 09

    I've been hanging about here for many weeks and I am finally feeling ready to commit.

    I'd like to lose about 2.5 stone (stones just sound brilliant don't they?) - okay, I'd like to lose 35 pounds.

    Back in 1997 I quit smoking and was quite overweight. I was very fearful that I would gain even more weight so I bought a treadmill and began using it. I really did!

    Over the course of a year, I ate less, moved more, and lost 60 pounds. After several months of strictly treadmilling I added upper body weights. Further on I joined a gym.

    Then I started eating low carb. Mostly watching sugar and grains. I felt amazing. Loved it.

    But, just like dozens of other stories, I slowly stopped. I got divorced, my mom died, I moved to the city. Life right?

    So now I am 35 pounds up and want to get back down.

    Last winter I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. The knee still feels horrible, but this extra weight can't be helping. I do have a hard time walking very far (my poor dog!).

    I do know that I must start doing something!


    Today I IF'd until about 2 p.m. Broke the fast with a few ounces of a cheeseball with almonds. For supper I had a pork chop and stir fried zukes, red peppers, and onions. I feel good. Maybe just a little headache.


    Today I moved slowly for most of the day. Shopping, errands, cleaning, laundry, cooking. In a little bit I'm heading down to the exercise space in my basement to set up my wii Fit. Of course I heard a study today that says the wii isn't as effective as traditional exercise. I just want to use it to supplement anything else I might do.

    I do like yoga and I have a Jackie Warner DVD I really like. I also have a Callanetics CD that is deceptively hard to do. I also have a few weight lifting plans to try.

    I am woefully out of shape! I know there's a kick body in here somewhere!

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    IF is hard! The couple of times I've done it I like it. The no thinking about what to eat is very appealing. Really helps keep the calories down as well.

    I feel good about my first day.


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      Tues, Dec 8

      Woke up early with a wicked headache. I'm thinking it's the carb-cleansing flu. Gotta detox somehow yes?

      I am a klutz. Serious klutz. I stubbed a middle toe on my right foot so badly it's swollen and blue. Pretty! So there was no yoga last night, but tea and elevation. Seriously - clumsy!

      I'm hungry right now after having my morning coffee, but nothing sounds good. My hubbins is coming home for lunch so I'll fix us something. I'm thinking hard boiled eggs for him with a sandwich and egg salad for me. Nummy!


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        I am challenging myself with the 30 day challenge. Today being a new day 1.

        Day 1

        Intention for this day: IFing to detox the Christmas out of me.