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Proud of myself- packed lunch

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  • Proud of myself- packed lunch

    I love to eat out, but I've found it a little frustrating sifting through menus, etc. I went to the science center with my child and some friends today. I packed a lunch, which I never do! We had venison sticks, carrots, coconut, and tea. It was a strange combination, but was filling and every other kid wanted a piece of our coconut!

    Anyhow, it's hard to change habits and I'm proud of myself for today
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    That is awesome! It was a very hard habit for me to start, but now I bring my lunch almost every day. It saves me from making some bad choices when I get too hungry and a lot of money too
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      I work at home now. So I rarely need to pack a lunch. But when I was working "9 to 5" i realized how much money I was wasting. It was pre-Primal so the food quality wasn't much of a factor.
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