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  • Newbie and ready!

    Hello fellow Groks and Grokettes! I have been a lurker for a few months. And now I am ready to introduce myself

    I am a SAHM of my baby boy who is 8 months. So I am struggling with getting some of this baby weight off. I have always been a "big girl". In high school, I played a number of sports. I was around 150, size 12. I had a lot of muscle on me, but ate like crap. I grew up in a household where we all ate like crap. So, I still had a lot of fat on me too.

    In my mid 20's started packing on the pounds... got married, packed on more pounds. had a lot of ups and downs with the marriage, packed on more pounds.

    Finally worked out a lot of "stuff" in marriage (maybe because I grew up and have a few more years on my age?) and is happier then ever... then came a baby! I had a very "healthy" pregnancy. Delivered a very healthy 7lb 10oz baby boy... the day I walked into the delivery room, I weighed in at 264. UGH... I gave myself the six weeks to recover from the delivery and I lost about 20lbs...

    June 4th, 2009 - I finally started my journey. Weighing in at 246. I found a yoga boot camp ran by a military man... I figured I would give it a shot. First day, he laid it on the line. He is also a registered nutritionist. He specializes also in helping diabetics. First thing out of his mouth: stop eating grains!

    My head spun. Most "professional" people don't give that kind of advice. I am so used to hearing the food pyramid crap... so, I really started listening. He asked us to give him 30 days. He gave us studies, papers, lots of info on it. He said if we want to call BS at the end of 30 days, we could...

    I did it 60 days... holy smokes. it was AWESOME! And I signed up for more classes. In the first two months, I lost 20lbs, 6 inches alone off my hips... I realized this was my new life style...

    My trainer is also certified in CrossFit. So he started introducing us to these workouts also. I was hooked. I fell in love with working out. I kept signing up month after month for more classes. In 4 months, I lost 35lbs...

    Then October came... dun dun dun... I am human and I started cheating. And cheating bad. Yes, I got stomach cramps...yes I would get sick. It sucked... and did I learn? well, yes and no... I kept it up.

    Also, since the colder weather was setting in, that meant no more CrossFit and back inside for yoga. No shoes allowed and it is not set up for CrossFit. I was getting frustrated and I was upset that something that I found that I loved, was taken away from me. So I ate...

    I finally found a CrossFit facility. I am joining in a couple weeks (my "membership" is up in a couple weeks at the yoga place). And I gave myself until this week to get back on track with food.

    I was doing more Paleo before, but I am feeling like PB is more what fits me. And duh, who can resist BACON? ahaha

    So I am here putting it all on the table. My goals from this is to get a control of my eating. Get and understanding of what my body really needs and that I don't need the crap... I also want to loose another 50 lbs. I want my body to feel good (okay, and yes, I might be vain, I want it to look good too). I want to teach my son healthy eating habits (the is probably the biggest one of all). I am here because I know that I will be held accountable here. I have been to other "diet" sites and they don't have a "primal" section that I can talk to others about... So I hope I can meet all of you and you all can help me in my journey.

    Thanks for reading all of this! I am really, really excited to get back on track.

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    Welcome aboard Luckykoi! You'll like it here.


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      Welcome aboard! Great first post and it sounds like you're in the right place. This forum is very supportive, so you'll settle in quite quickly.