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Weight loss due to sickness or PB?

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  • Weight loss due to sickness or PB?

    I have just recently started the transition to the primal lifestyle. (3 weeks into it) I was sick with a touch a cold and stomach bug this week.

    I went back to the gym today and noticed that I lost 7 pounds over the course of one week???? I am wondering if this is a result of being sick or the rapid decrease in my carb. intake or a little of both?

    I don't need to be losing any weight at all. In fact I wanted to gain some. Hopefully it was just being sick...

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    Ega glycogen traps water, so depleting your glycogen stores while in a low carb diet will make you lose water weight quickly after some days. It's normal.

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      AFAIK 1g of carbs binds about 4g of water.

      I've noticed rapid weight loss many times after doing few days on higher carbs and then dropping down to my usual low-carb levels - usually it takes 2-3 days for the weight to come down again.

      The total weight loss due to water may be 1-3 pounds easily. So for you it might be 3 lb of water + 4 lb of fat.


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        Should I be replenishing my glycogen stores during the week at all? Also how does this affect taking creatine?