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Success stories about going from skinny to buff?

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  • Success stories about going from skinny to buff?

    I've seen a lot of success stories on here about folks who were very overweight, and became thin and fit thanks to Primal Living. Congrats!

    What I haven't seen too much of, however, are success stories where the person started out with very little in the way of muscles, and ended up with a muscular physique thanks to Primal Living. So, anyone have that experience?

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    I think I've made some progress in that direction. When I started Primal eating I weighed around 145 pounds. I now weigh around 165 and I think my bodyfat level is either the same or less as when I started.

    I posted some pics way back on the Before and After thread:

    My latest pics are in the Bodyfat estimation thread:

    Although my weight is about the same in my "After picture" (over a year ago) I think my bodyfat has decreased and muscle mass increased.

    The main thing that changed over that year was that I got over my carb phobia and started carb-cycling and eating within a shorter window. Basically Leangains (
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      Yodiewan, it seemed like you had a pretty decent amount of muscle to begin with, though! I'm pretty much starting with barely any muscle. I've gotten stronger, but not nearly at the level where I want to be.


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        Hmm. Well, I think a good weight training program will help tremendously. I've been using Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 for the past few months with good results. Any program that focuses on compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and chinups are my favorites) and emphasizes progressively adding weight will do. Also, eating lots of meat will help!