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My Steady Progress -- In Three Phases since Jan 2011

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  • My Steady Progress -- In Three Phases since Jan 2011

    In January I started reading The Primal Blueprint (PB), and I started with (what I considered) Phase 1: Primal Foods. I basically stopped eating the non-primal foods and focused on the foods I liked to eat that were deemed primal. The switch was easy at first, but then of course cravings for pasta, rice and cereal were challenges. I believe I was 90% successful on average. I did this for a month or so while continuing to read Mark's book. Around this time I also switched from lots of running to some running, and started sprint workouts (I was already doing Crossfit along with running 9-12 miles/week before reading PB). I was about 145lbs in January, and over my BMI (I'm a short guy). I had a gut and lots of love handles!

    About 6 weeks later, I started Phase 2: Percentages. I started to ensure I was eating less carbohydrates and more fats and protein. It was a bit challenging -- especially getting more fat in my diet! I toned down on veggies and fruit to reduce the carbohydrate.

    In April, I started Phase 3: Calorie Monitoring & Intermittent Fasting (IF). I used to enter what I was eating. This is when I started weighing in, too. I tried not to focus on the weight, but in my April weigh-in, I was 140lbs! I lost 5lbs from Phase I and Phase II alone.

    The real work of calorie monitoring and IF started. It wasn't hard to reduce my calories as I wasn't far off the mark for my activity level when I did all the measurements per Mark's book. For more weight loss, I needed to reduce my daily intake by about 250 calories. I targeted the carbohydrates.

    My next weigh-in was in early May, I was at 138lbs. I liked this progress. I started with IF once a week, and it was difficult at first. Many thoughts were in my mind about whether IF was healthy or not. I read a lot more about IF outside of PB. It seemed like enough science was behind it and so I kept at it.

    In my late May weigh-in I was 136lbs. In early June, 134lbs...then came busy-time as I was preparing to move to Japan. The habits I developed in the past few months are what I credit to my keeping primal. I had stopped all-day IFs, but was still monitoring caloric intake. I did mini-IFs by skipping meals. Then I just gave up for about a week due to going away lunches, dinners, and final this-or-that with friends. Still did my best to keep primal -- though I was probably dipping below that 80/20 success rate.

    I've now been in Japan almost 10 days, my fridge and pantry is now stocked primally, but I've yet to start working out and have done a lot of sitting and driving lately. Also, the rice and noodle dishes are delicious here in Japan. The sweets are not-so-sweet -- much to my pleasant surprise. Still trying to hold on to a 80/20 success rate, I reintegrated IF last week.

    Today was a surprising day. I was at a doctor's appointment and without thinking it was a possibility, was being put to a weigh-in! Yes, the medical assistant needed that piece of information, too. Nonchalantly, she led me to a scale and asked me to step up. I paused only briefly to think -- OMG, this is a weigh-in! Then I kicked off my shoes (I needed some advantage), and stepped up to the scale. I weighed in at 131.5 today -- with clothes!

    I was shocked. I expected either no progress, or more likely a slight reversal. I had not worked out in over 10 days, but I know I kept to a primal diet (more or less) and I only overate once during a welcome-to-Japan dinner of carb-heavy noodles, rice, tofu, soy, and tempura fried dishes.

    I'm glad to be down to this weight, but I won't let it get to my head. I need to hit the gym tomorrow -- I'm afraid that some of the weight loss might be reduced muscle mass from almost two weeks of no strength training.

    Overall, I think my lifestyle change to Primal Living has led me to a naturally progressive momentum towards a healthier me. I'll have to report back in a few months after integrated Japanese food into my lifestyle.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    Wow! That seems like a very smart plan. Interestingly, my Primal transformation followed a similar if unplanned path. I am also in your Phase 3 and trying to get closer to 100% Primal (no non primal cheat foods). Good Luck with your new life in Japan. Sounds exciting.
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      Keep up the great work Leo. Enjoy Japan.
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        Very sensible way to do it, I pretty much did the same thing. You also do not seemed to be worried about other people's opinions. You do your own reading and come to your own conclusions. I think this mental aspect is really important.

        Enjoy Japan.
        Life. Be in it.


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          congrats on your success!! that's awesome! i think you'll find japanese cuisine and culture melds very well with primal principles - especially the concept of hara hachi bu. have fun and keep us posted!