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  • I skipped the pre-dinner crackers, passed on the rolls with the meal, had just a small portion of stuffing, gorged on turkey, potatoes, and salad and had just a tiny slice of pie for dessert. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as my whole family rubbed their bellies and complained about eating too much. I felt fine.

    Meanwhile, I got the following compliments:
    Mom: this is the best you've ever looked
    Dad: you look sculpted
    Brother: every time I see you you look healthier

    I'm thankful for MDA.


    • Broke my plateau earlier this week by suddenly dropping three or so pounds and an inch off my hips over two days, just in time for me to get hired after a long period of unemployment. Best timing ever- I've dropped down to a medium/size ten and all of my clothes are sized XL or larger!


      • Today begins month three of being primal - woke up at 285 this morning, the lightest I've been since college. Only down about 3 lbs for the month of November, and I'm OK with it mostly because I started lifting again and I know I'm already much stronger than I was at the beginning of the month, especially in the legs. Also am down to the last notch on my belt - hoping to hit 280 by the end of the year.

        It's amazing how once the weight starts coming off the ambition starts stacking back up...a lot of goals and dreams are coming back into focus!


        • I made a GORGEOUS, pretty much totally Primal T-day feast, including nut crusts on all the pies and a coconut flour "cornbread" base for the oyster/sausage/apple stuffing. It's Mr. mixie's favorite holiday and I always make a stupid amount of food because we never really know how many people are coming by. We've been eating leftovers all week, for every meal, and pie at least once a day (this is me confessing to sweet potato pie for breakfast on at least two occasions). I haven't been stuffing myself stupid or anything but definitely haven't been attentive to truly eating to hunger/IFing, etc. And there have been lots of mashed Yukon Golds in my life this week. Lots. Packed with grassfed cream and grassfed cheddar and roasted garlic. And yams, sweetened with maple syrup. Mmm... yammity yams...
          I weighed myself this morning more out of curiosity than anything--I'm down another five pounds! Did I ever mention how much I f*kin love the PB?

          Also, T-day was great. Everyone practically wallowed in the food, couldn't believe there was no bread in the stuffing, and even though we stuffed ourselves silly, we were remarking to each other late that night that we couldn't believe how sick we did NOT feel. No bloated, queasy feeling. No gas, no nothing. We were full of a great feast, and that's that.
          Best. T-day. Ever.
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          “Falconry is not a hobby or an amusement; it is a rage. You eat and drink it, sleep it and think it. You tremble to write of it, even in recollection. It is as King James the First remarked, an extreme stirrer up of passions.” --T.H. White, The Godstone and the Blackymor

          "The world must be all fucked up when men travel first class and literature goes as freight."
          - Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude


          • I can almost see abs!

            Granted they're still covered in a pretty thick layer of fat, and it's got to be when I'm pumped up after some core work and it's not like I can see them in the mirror or anything, it's got to be the foreshortened view looking down, but I swear there's ripples there. Fat and skin following the contours of muscle below. I swear they are there.

            And that's a start.
            Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



            • Accidentally put on a pair of "skinny" pants (was looking for some warm-ish ones to head out for the day since it's been cold here) -- they're TWO sizes smaller than what I've been wearing over the last month!
              I bought them about 6 weeks ago at the thrift store for a couple of bucks. Once home, I almost squeezed into them and thought "another 10-15 lbs and they'll fit". I've only lost another 3 lbs since then, but my body has been re-shaping to such a degree that they not only fit, but actually flatter my new figure!
              Started 7/5/11 at 274 lbs
              Now 214 -- that's 60 lbs!
              Goal 160 lbs -- last time there was in junior high!

              "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." (Margaret Thatcher)


              • I bought a pair of size 36 Levi's over Thanksgiving. The first time I've even tried to wear Levi's in probably 10 years. Trying them on was always just too depressing.

                They're starting to get too loose.


                • love these!
                  I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

                  You're never going to get to the top of the stairs if you don't walk up them.


                  • Well... I just punched out another hole in my belt.... I may soon have to cut off the extra slack (the tip comes all the way to 9oclock now)


                    • I've been doing push ups against the counter, shoulder press ups and push ups with knees on the floor for several months. Last time I tried a regular push up, without knees on the floor, my arms shook and I collapsed on the mat so I've avoided doing them.
                      Don't know why but yesterday I tried the regular push up on a whim, and whaddya know?!!! I could do it! I did 10 of them. Of course, I really can't go that low to the floor but it's a start, and it gives me something to aim for. Very exciting.


                      • I'm back on the wagon after a couple of weeks off it, and my skin is clearing up again. 2 weeks of wheat-eating gave me a nasty case of acne, including a huge disgusting zit right in the middle of my face. I'm in my thirties, so this was not welcome at all. Just 2 days of eating Primal has cleared up my skin to the point that it's perfectly smooth and almost all the acne lesions are gone. I can't believe how quickly it worked.


                        • I just cooked steak for the first time in my life. It came out so delicious! Better than most restaurant steaks I've had. Must be beginner's luck, but I still count it as a triumph! Don't know why I've never tried before. I'm only just learning to cook, though, so every new thing seems daunting until I actually try it.


                          • Originally posted by yelena View Post
                            I just cooked steak for the first time in my life. It came out so delicious! Better than most restaurant steaks I've had. Must be beginner's luck, but I still count it as a triumph! Don't know why I've never tried before. I'm only just learning to cook, though, so every new thing seems daunting until I actually try it.
                            Congrats! Ive slowly been building up my skills with real meat as well. If you really want to get into meat, I highly highly highly recommend this book:
                            "Since going primal, I've found that there are very few problems that cannot be solved with butter and/or bacon fat."

                            My amusing take on paleo-blogging:

                            Are you a Primal in San Francisco, or the SF Bay Area in general? Join our facebook group!


                            • Tried to do a back bridge the other day (did one very badly earlier in the year when I last tried out of curiosity) and lifted myself up with ease. Even lowered my self down, not thudding to the ground.
                              Also honing in on under 100kg mark for the first time I can remember (was a fat teenager) (5kg to go).
                              In fact my jacket from my last year of high school, that never fitted right at the time, is loose and too big 10 years later.
                              Believe and achieve.


                              • My co-worker 4 weeks ago when he asked about PB: "Wahhh, too hard, I like bread too much."

                                I gave him my copy of the 21 Day and told him to just read it.
                                He told me about two weeks ago he was going to give it a try.

                                He called me and said "What do I do when I'm on call, I only have time to get fast food, waahhhhh!"
                                I said just go ahead if that's all you think you can eat, just ditch the bread.

                                Yesterday he said, "I noticed when I order three hamburgers and throw the bread away, that's a lot of food! I was eating all that? And maybe it's just my imagination, but I feel thinner and not bloated anymore, and it's only been a week. I can't believe I can eat all this meat and eggs. I'm starting to learn how to cook for the first time in my life and it's kind of fun. Plus, I don't really miss the bread like I thought I would."

                                A triumph!
                                "Wait! I'll fix it!"
                                "Problems always disappear in the presence of a technician."
                                "If you can't improvise, what are you doing out in the field?"