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Hanging my head in shame...

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  • Hanging my head in shame...

    I'm sold on it. I'm learning to cook, I'm saving a ton of money because I was an eat out all the time kind of guy and I'm really enjoying fresh food (the farmers market was nirvana). I'm almost 4 weeks without smoking, and I'm even exercising! That's the A LOT to change in short time...

    So why the shame you ask?

    Cause I'm a nice guy....and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...especially my familys.

    I arrived at my brothers tonight and they had prepared a meal for me and put out a coke for me as well which I had always had before...I decline the coke as even after 1 week I think it would put me out of whack...

    But...I did eat the dinner. Homemade Super Chili Mac...meat (good) and then...beans and pasta....


    It did taste REALLY good and they cooked...and I was hungry...and just couldn't say no...

    (but then I went back for seconds...yeah...that was WAAAY my bad...)

    And tomorrow,'s a damn wash at this point. I'll go nuts with as much as I can to stay primal...but...bread pudding! Homemade! I'm in the kitchen on my laptop writing this...and I can smell the sauce already! I'm screwed!!!

    I did have my regular chorizo muffin omelets and big ass salad for lunch ( Denny's...if you get their Chicken Pecan Cranberry Salad...without the pecans...because they're caramelized or something...too damn's pretty damnned good)

    So in giving thanks to my family...I will claim an epic fail for dinner 2 nights in a row...and possibly 3 because I'm headed to my mother’s house on Friday...and well...she's 70...can't say no to her...although I am volunteering to grill up some steaks...then I can just pass on potatoes...

    I think I'm going to go do some sprints now...

    Did I mention I was a smoker? And these might hurt...I’m going to call it penance

    I’m going back to San Diego on Saturday and jumping back on the horse…

    Ok, have to leave the kitchen now…the sauce is driving me nuts!!!!!!!

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    It's only "epic fail" if you let it completely derail you, which it doesn't sound like you're going to do. What you're going through is what the 20% is for. =) Part of losing weight/eating better/etc. is accepting and learning to cope with the Holidays and family meals and birthdays and social occasions and so on and so forth and learning to recover afterwards. And practice makes perfect, right? I'm sure in two days the forums will be filled with posts like yours recounting everyone's Thankgsiving debauchery. =)


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      I second what Eric has written. It is only an epic fail if that takes you back down the road of the way you were eating and livnig before.

      You've given up smoking - that's an epic win (and I know, I use dot do it myself way, way back).

      Don't let the next few days depress you. It is your 20% and you can get back to the 80% (and even more) when the holidays are finished.

      Happy Thanksgiving all the way from the UK!


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        If this is a lifestyle that's quite new to you, and totally new to your family, there will be plenty of days like this. Trust me. I frustrated the hell out of my family with a lot of "I don't eat that anymore." They're finally catching on, sort of.

        Then there's last night. We took my dad out to dinner. I was going to be a Primal little angel and eat perfectly, only indulging in a piece of chocolate cake. While I did pass on the (delicious looking) rolls with honey butter, I did still have some "bloomin' onion" (which is coated in flour), and a piece of chocolate cake. Totally NOT what I planned to do, but I caved and did it anyways.

        There are lot of reasons we eat non-Primal foods. Sometimes it's nostalgia. Certain foods are tied to memories and experiences we like to relive. Sometimes it's a feeling of obligation. One thing I've found is that after living Primally for a longer period of time, these foods are less satisfying than they once were. In my slips and falls, I've discovered that I nolonger like peanut butter cookies, and chocolate cake as much as I once did. Sure, they're good, but they're easier to pass on now that I've had a slip. The expectation of yumminess always seems to exceed the actual yumminess of the food- lol.

        I'm not going to go hog wild today on non-Primal foods, but it helps to accept the fact that, yes, there will be things eaten that I wouldn't normally eat, but one day a year (or even two- Christmas, or three- New Years), is not a failure.


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          what eric said.

          It's the holiday season, enjoy your family and don't stress over it.

          It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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            That's why I love this place. Thanx all for the encouragement. Just had a moment last night.


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              *hugs* As a mama, I hope my kiddos are as sweet as you are!!! Your family is important to you, and as long as you aren't having dinner at their house every week, the once in a while indulgences are absolutely part of the PB.

              The more I see the less I know for sure.
              -John Lennon