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    I've been on a low calorie, low carb, 75/80% primal diet for some time now and have lost 20 pounds.

    yay me!

    I'd like to be able to start eating more again as I ease into maintenance, but I'm really struggling with this - I seem to put on weight very quickly. If I eat more than 1300/day the pounds creep on.

    I'm very small - 5'2", 110lbs and my frame is on the delicate side. I wonder if eating 1200 calories a day is what I'm built for... that would be a shame, because I love to eat.

    I found Leigh Peele's Metabolic Repair Manual online and wonder if anybody has any info on it?

    It's designed to help long term dieters increase calories and improve metabolic function with minimal weight gain.



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    It is a very helpful manual and did the Repair Programme, I put on quiet a bit of weight which has taken me a long time to shift. I think I am te exception. If you go onto you willsee many people have had great success with this and Leigh often writes and helps on the fatloss forum. If you have been a long term dieter and/or overerciser I do think it can be productive but of course it isn't primal. As you SLOWLY increase your calories, you increase carbs INCLUDING starchy ones. I learnt a lot though, especially about the importance of rest. I woudl say check out JPFitness first and read some of the logs etc there (I kept a log there also for the 8 weeks) and make a decision from that.


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      Increasing calories slowly is key here. Also, you have to direct those calories with your activity-resistance training and walking. If you quickly increase calories while your metabolism is used to 1200 (your energy level and activity probably mirror this low calorie level?) your body is going to say "thank you" for the reserve and sock it away for use in times of need (adipose). If you slowly increase calories while increasing activity you will more likely "direct" those calories to help increase muscle mass and support activity. Being in a starvation mode really stinks-it primes your metabolism for fat gain (a good thing from a primal perspective) but it also expects increased activity with the increased calories and we are very good at not doing that. It really shows the folly and danger of long term fasting/severe calorie restriction for weight loss.


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        Jedi - thanks for the link - I've been to the site and have read the MRM book but not FLTS. seems like many folks there suffer from thyroid issues - i don't. Also - it doesn't seem as though your experience was successful or positive from your entries - is that true?

        Yes, Leigh is clearly very pro-grain/starches.

        Tman - I sprint 2x/week and do circuit training 3x/week. I also ride my bike and hike on days off. I'm pretty active by most people's standards...

        I've been eating 1200/day with re-feeds every ten days or so to lose fat for nearly a year now. The fat didn't actually start coming off till I went primal 5 months ago at 1200cal - before that I was just gaining and losing the same few pounds...


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          Aimee MRM isn't just for thyroid problem people at all but you are right it din't seem to help me BUT I felt I was the exception rather than the rule. As long as you are refeeding regularly and aren't overxercising, you probably don't need it. I believe the Primal Blueprint lifestyle should be very healing anyway, you have read Mark's book I guess?


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            Jedi -

            Yep - Mark's book is awesome. Primal eating is what has allowed me to finally lose fat... when i ate 1200 cal of processed diet foods and ran miles and miles - i couldn't get results.

            i don't think i'll be able to maintain 1200 and 5 day/week forever.

            adding calories... eating more... this is something i want so badly.

            maybe it just isn't meant to be.