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  • Stand Up for Your Health!

    After experiencing some nagging lower neck/upper back pain (I know, at nineteen?!? What the?!?), I decided to completely stop sitting at my laptop. I put it on my dresser and have been standing ever since. I found this article on the matter kinda interesting..

    Hey why not?

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    Great idea - wish I could do that in the office! I do the best I can by sitting properly (neutral spine, everyone!), getting up frequently and doing lots of stretches...


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      Another option is to sit on an exercise ball. I got one last week, and now am using it most of the day. I find it's helpful to switch between the ball and my chair. Already, it's been very helpful for the restless legs I have every afternoon.

      Apparently, there are pros and cons, but it's hard not to "follow the money" and wonder if those against are fearful that sales of expensive ergonomic furniture might drop off if people began using inexpensive exercise balls in the office.

      Here's a good link in favor of substituting an exercise ball for your chair:

      Some are not so favorable:


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        The police dispatchers that work for the gov here, their whole workstations have the ability to raise (they have like 3 monitors and all sorts of crazy stuff) so they can stand when they do all their insane call taking.

        I used to have my laptop on a bookshelf at one point and would just stand there and surf. It was pretty comfy.

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