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  • Barefeet + Treadmill =...

    Reduced muscle pain and BLISTERS. I ran a barefoot 5K yesterday on my treadmill for the first time. I felt great but the aftermath is not so fun!

    Does anyone have any quick and easy cures for blisters?

    I have read that you should let them heal on their own. Conversely, I have also heard that it is possible to drain it with a sterilized needle/pin.

    Please Help!

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    I find it depends on the size/severity.

    How can I phrase this... if the "bubble" isn't too big and settles down onto base tissue, then it will heal up.

    If it's really puffed up, and also in your way/getting worse, then I'd consider popping it BUT beware infection.

    Also, if you leave it to heal then that "bubbled" tissue may dry up and come away in a chunk (if that makes sense?) in a few days. Nice huh? but the tissue underneath should then be "ready" and not prone to infection etc.


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      Ouch! If you're new to barefoot running, you definitely gotta work up to it. Hubby and I have been training our feet for barefoot's taken a while, but we're now able to do 3 hour hikes without shoes (depending on the terrain).

      Anyway...I agree w/ northernmonkey. If the bubble isn't too big it's better to let it settle on it's own rather than pop it. It heals faster that way...and that's from experience of many years of hiking incl. some long-distance stuff. If you're planning to run/hike again and the blister is still there, duck-tape has worked well for me on my long-distance hikes. Duck-tape the toe or area before walking on it and it will keep tight and won't rub into a larger blister.


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        What works for me is a topical ointment and sometimes I _do_ pop the blister with a needle or even using a nail clipper by pinching the blister to release the fluid.

        On a side note, have you tried using Vibram FF's on the treadmill? Or are you going straight to barefoot running?

        Just wondering as I am new to FFs and wasn't sure if it was "ok" to use them on the treadmill (if that makes any sense).


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          Thanks for the advice everyone! The wounds are healing (well the pain is subsiding) on their own. I will probably end up taping them until they are gone.

          Funny that you mention Vibrams! I am going to be getting a pair from where I work some time in the next couple of weeks! I can't wait to use them on the treadmill.

          If I do decide to pop one of the more painful ones, how concerned should I be about infection?


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            I'm no expert on this but from my own experience having many of blisters I haven't had an infection. Just make sure you clean the area well before and after. Also, I usually put a bandaid on when I am wearing shoes or going to be outside, but at home or when sleeping I like to remove the bandaid so that the blisters don't get too much moisture. I find that it helps quicken the healing process.


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              Well, it won't help after the fact, but I'm with nina_70. You can do it w/out blisters, you just need to build up to it.

              This past summer, I worked up to trail-running 3 miles through the woods barefoot. (Usually in the form of multiple walk-sprint-walks, but once in awhile, jogging the whole 3 miles). There's one section where I need to walk about 200 yards on a gravel road. OUCH! - but only at first. After a few weeks (I went once or twice a week) even that wasn't that bad.

              I got a lot of "interesting" comments from people that, I'm sure, thought I was an "interesting" guy - I would only be wearing shorts - no shirt, no shoes, no problem!

              But now the cold has come - soon to be freezing. So I must use shoes once again. (I guess I'm not THAT tough!)

              As for blisters - this is how I've always treated mine (learned this way in the Boy Scouts - lots of blisters there):

              It's quite painless, it heals fast, and it keeps the "raw" skin clean underneath the dead skin.