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Quick big success, slower success, temptations, and remembering my goals

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  • Quick big success, slower success, temptations, and remembering my goals

    Hello All,
    I had posted back on 4/27 about my awesome fast results, at that time I had lost 84 pounds of fat in 94 days I believe it was.

    Currently (after some quick calender counting) I realized I have now lost 103 pounds of fat in 143 days primal.

    That is only 19 pounds in 49 days since my last post.

    These plateaus are killers. I know I shouldn't go by the scale number but when you are heavy for a long time you want to see that number drop.

    I have remained 100% primal throughout my time and the only thing I have been doing differently is that I have been lifting heavier and heavier weights. I find myself eating low carb protein bars (under 10 cabs) once a day and also drinking low carb protein shakes (mixed with water / 6 carbs total) once or twice a day. I still only take a multivitamin, fish oil, Vitamin D, Calcium, and now a pill called B 100 with all the B vitamins.

    My scale says I have 65 pounds of fat left on my body at a weight of 250.0 this morning leaving me at 26% body fat.

    I have become a semi regular at GNC and every time I go the guy tries to sell me on some new weight loss pills, some Oxi something that he guarantees works along with some pre workout powder mix. I have to admit it is very tempting at times when my weight seems to just hang out for a week or more when I am doing everything possible to get in better shape.

    I just remind myself that I am in for the long haul and enjoy my primal eating lifestyle change along with my active life. My main goal was to be healthy for myself and my family.

    I am hoping to be around 220 by the end of summer and then slide on in to the home stretch by Halloween.

    I wonder how many of you have become frustrated and thought of diet pills or workout powders etc.. ?

    Well that is my current success story, not as successful as the first but still moving in the right direction.

    Attached is a picture or two of fat me from around Christmas and then me from this past Monday.
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    Went Primal January 24, 2011
    Lost 105 pounds in 5 months
    Currently 130 fat pounds down which is 120 pounds on the scale while putting on 10 pounds of muscle
    According to my kids I am looking more and more like the Hulk every day

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    Just keep on keepin' on! You'll make it're body wants to be there, but it probably just adjusting and getting into the swing of things. The initial period was probably just shock.

    I think everyone gets tempted by "diet" pills because it's the easy way, so to speak...keeping your eye on the future is hard, not only with weight loss, but with life in general. You've done fantastic. If I'm doing my math right, you've lost around 5lbs a week (over the 143 days)! Almost everything written talks about loosing 1 to 2lbs a week is great progress!! So sit on that for a while...5lbs a week is fantastic! Keep it up and you'll get there. And enjoy the process!


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      Dude... that is a lot of weight lost in a short period of time. You have to let your body catch up!


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        Donate your scales to a thrift shop.
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          Originally posted by PrimalClay View Post
          I wonder how many of you have become frustrated and thought of diet pills or workout powders etc.. ?
          Some supplements may help. Particularly l-carnitine which Dr. Rosedale recommends and is one of the active ingredients in Drs. Eades Metabosol.


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            don't be discouraged. you look amazing. keep it up. i know how hard it is.
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              The advice I gave someone earlier today also works for you. Here's a good exercise to solve your problem.

              Get a sledgehammer. Take the scale and the sledgehammer out into the driveway. Swing the sledgehammer a few times to loosen up your arms. Take aim. Slam the sledgehammer down onto the scale. Repeat until the scale is in at least 30 small pieces.

              Get a broom and a dustpan. Sweep up the pieces of the scale. Dump them in the garbage can. Put away the broom and dustpan. Continue to swing the sledgehammer for the rest of your workout.

              Numbers on the scale are not the point of this way of living. Feeling healthy and being able to do things like smash a scale with a sledgehammer are the point of this way of living.
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