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question on average monthly weightloss

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  • question on average monthly weightloss

    I am new to going Primal. My question is, what is the average weight-loss per month? I am going to start power walking and stationary biking. Will be low carb eating as I have done in the past. I let myself go, and now need to lose 50 to 60 pounds by May for the 5K cancer walk, is this possible. Thanks.

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    You need to do HIIT instead and weight lifting instead of cardio. That, plus low-carb, will give you amazing results. I think you can lose 40-50 pounds by May.

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      I am steadily losing 1-2 pounds per week, just like Mark Sisson says in the book. My carbs are usually in the range of 40-70. If you can keep them under 50 (gross, not net) per day, you&#39;ll lose weight more quickly. For some folks (like me), dairy really keeps that weight on; it doesn&#39;t seem to impact others.

      Please do try to stay off that scale, though. It&#39;s a mindf**k. (Today was the first time I weighed in

      in more than a month, and I was pleasantly surprised.)

      Best wishes on your 5K walk!! Training for 5K events and the like and focusing on crossing the finish line strong, rather than exercising for the sole purpose of weight loss, shifted my whole orientation and, as it turns out, was the magic key for me. What a gift.


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        Well, I&#39;ve lost 28 pounds in just under 7 weeks, so I should think you could lose 40-50 by May. I always thought I would be the last person to get decent results, but the different way of eating certainly made me change my mind!

        I do agree that throwing in some HIIT will help, as may cutting down/back on dairy. Dairy affects some and not others. Low carb is also a great kick up the bum - I try not to go over 50g a day if possible.

        Go by your shape rather than your weight and don&#39;t get on the scales every day - once a week at the very most, or even less often if you can manage it.

        Very best of luck!


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          I absolutely agree about not weighing any more than once a week--once a month would be even better.

          But the amount you lose will be very individual. For example, usually men, with more muscle,lose more quickly than women. A lot depends on your age and possible medical conditions.

          I&#39;m a post-menopausal, hypothyroid female with a compromised metabolism, so in order to lose I have to seriously restrict calories in addition to low carb, Primal eating. If I drop a pound a week, I&#39;m thrilled, but a younger, healthier woman can usually drop 2 lbs a week.


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            emmie is right - the amount of weight you lose will be down to your individual make-up. In the first week or two, you will possibly lose more from water-weight, so don&#39;t get disheartened when it slows down! I also went through a plateau stage too over a week or so and then lost more the following week.

            1-2pounds a week is good going, some will do better (I did, and I am still amazed!). You may find that as you lose weight, the amount you think you need to lose may decrease as your body shape changes and you get fitter. I had an original target in mind which is lower than where I am now, but I can now see that I am actually quite a muscular and large-framed woman, so reaching this lower weight goal may mean I&#39;d end up looking too gaunt for my frame.

            Concentrate on how you feel and your overall health and well-being - that&#39;s what I think is important now!


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              I am like emmie, I struggle with weight loss. I do however feel better than I ever have in my life since I went Primal a little over a month ago. I have quite worring about weight loss and just keeping my mind on feeling good and my workouts. I am figuring it will just happen in it&#39;s own time.

              You should be able to lose that kind of weight by May, but my personal opinion is that you don&#39;t need to lose all that to walk a 5 K. One can be overweight and still succeed a 5K.

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                Unless you are very overweight, losing much more than 1-2 pounds a week, especially as a woman, is very likely to include muscle loss as well as fat loss, so Cody slow and steady is best of you want to just lose fat


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                  I have lost more than 1-2 pounds a week and not lost muscle. I wasn&#39;t very overweight either. But I did have a gluten and dairy intolerance which had led to a lot of inflammation in my body. My muscle mass has increased since losing my weight.

                  However, I do agree that slow and steady is the key. You will feel so much better eating like this anyway - healthier from the inside out!


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                    I think as long as you are eating good nourishing foods and eating just to hunger and not overeating- exercising well also your body will lose what it needs to lose. Some people can lose weight faster than others no problem. I think for me when I am working on losing weight it is more healthful for me to focus on making my diet as clean as possible rather than the number on the scale- that is just a nice side benefit.

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                      The primal eating plan will almost guarantee you will easily lose 1-2 pounds a week. The key for you is to strength train and do about 20 to 30 minutes of interval cardio 5-6 days per week.

                      Here is an easy HILL CLIMBING routine on the treadmill (this takes 20 minutes)- keep the speed at a steady comfortable pace that feels good for you.

                      3 Minute warmup

                      1 minute with the treadmill set at level 2

                      1 minute with the treadmill set at 4

                      1 minute set back down at level 2

                      1 minutes with the treadmill set a level 6

                      ----Repeat this untl you hit 17 minutes then slow down, cool down and finish for the remaining 3 minutes. You will lose weight faster and be ready for your walk. You&#39;ll lead the pack!


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                        As everyone else has suggested 30 lbs in 24 weeks is attainable but will take some work.

                        20 lbs will be fairly easy and diet changes alone should account for most of it.

                        50 lbs is possible for sure but would be very hard.

                        60 lbs would really just be setting yourself up for failure.

                        Don&#39;t waste your time with the stationary bike. Use body weight exercises and use that time gaining functional strength, balance, co-ordination, increased stamina, etc.

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                          With the time frame you&#39;re talking about, 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week should put you at roughly 25-50 pounds of fat loss by May.

                          So yes, your goal certainly seems doable... as long as you stay consistent.

                          On a side note, one thing people seem to easily forget is that as long as you make true lifestyle changes (instead of a temporary "diet" or "exercise program") and you are continuing to burn ANY amount of excess body fat over time, you&#39;ll reach your goal eventually, and the change will be permanent! I&#39;ve found having that attitude allows me to stay on track and get right BACK on track if there are any slip-ups or frustrations along the way.

                          Good luck!


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                            HILL TRAINING: Yes!

                            When walking up the steepest hill I could find (or you could do it on a treadmill), the weight was literally melting off me. I was losing weight so quickly doing that, that it actually alarmed me.

                            Also, if your 5K includes a hill, you&#39;ll be able to easily note who has been training on hills and who hasn&#39;t. You will be flying past them.