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Why didn't anybody tell me about Primal Blueprint before.

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  • Why didn't anybody tell me about Primal Blueprint before.

    Hi i've been doing PB since March, and i'm loving it.

    I've went from 105 kg to 87 kg, and I think i'm getting close to my goal. Still got some fat around the stomach that i like to loose, but I will get there.

    I have had some pretty big cheats where i've gained some kg back, but i've lost it again pretty easy.
    The only workouts i've done has been some bodyweight exercise at home when I felt like doing it.
    I had surgery in my knee in February and has hesitant to run. But i've walked a lot.

    I'm planing to post some pictures when my stomach comes around

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    Congratulations on your 38 lbs weight loss!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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      Great progress MikkelMork. I think you will hit your goal sooner than you originally planned.
      People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.


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        Good for you!

        (and they didn't tell you about PB because there wasn't much money to be made. Meds have a higher profit margin...)


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          We want to keep all the grass-fed beef to ourselves. Hehe.

          Glad you finally found us. Welcome!
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            We didn't tell you because this is a secretive cult.

            Now then.

            Make an image of satan out of bacon, place him in a bacon pentagram and let the screaming begin.


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              Great job Mikkel!
              Take a look on groups and you will find another secretive cult called Danish Bacon.
              Vi er et par få andre danskere her selvom der ikke er så meget aktivitet i gruppen.
              See you there.


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                Why didn't anybody tell you about Primal before?

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