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Ladies..I am not sure if I am imagining this..

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  • Ladies..I am not sure if I am imagining this..

    This is weird. My period pains have disappeared almost completely. Could it be primal eating?

    I started primal end of March. Have done low carb for about 18 months. Have been eating loads of animal fats and coconut oil and MEAT!! No grains obv and minimal sugar.

    I have always had terrible period pains. I would just dose myself up on Ibuprofen or I could not move. But the dose would only be effective for about three hours. I'd end up lying on the floor at work until the next dose took effect. Sometimes it felt like I was gonna actually give birth to something as well as feeling sick and generally like screaming.

    Anyway, when my period arrived yesterday I didn't have any pains so I didn't take a tablet - I thought I would do an experiment. Towards the evening I had mild cramps. I was scared so I took a tablet cos I didn't want to be kept awake by the pains if they came. Now normally I would have to wake in the night to take another dose - or be woken by the pains. That didn't happen. I had no pains this morning but I was again scared that they would come so I took a tablet this morning just in case. Now, 14 hours since I took that tablet, no pains. Now no tablet can be that effective. Its just supermarket Ibuprofen!

    Has anyone else experienced this? Am I going mad? My Mum has always said to me that its not normal to have terrible period pains yet I always thought it was something you had to put up with.

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    YES! I was told by every OB/GYN I have seen since I was 18 that I needed to be on the pill to control the pain, heavy bleeding, crazy mood swings etc. . I stopped taking the pill a few months ago and my body is totally different now. I have been off the pill several times to concieve and my periods were always the same. Now I have no pain, no mood swings, no heavy bleeding. My once 24 day cycle is now 30 days!! I feel really fantastic! I have been primal for well over a year.


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      I notice with each successive cycle since going primal all the nasty aspects are dissipating. Pain is gone, I'm almost 4 weeks to the day between them, duration has gone from 7 days to 5, breast tenderness nearly gone and mood swings are almost non-existent now, and this is my 5th cycle primal.
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        Yep, and being pre-menopausal and, therefore, irregular, there are few signs to tell me it's coming now. This month I knew, because I got a huge zit and had the "dropsies" last week. When I dropped two items in about 15 minutes, my husband called it. He said, "time for your period!"

        I used to know because of the horrible bloat and cramps I would get right before.


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          I have never been particularly bad but after about 4 - 5 weeks of thinking the PB way, I had no pain last week and the management aspect was the best it has been for a long time.

          Before I found PB, I was not vegetarian, no soy always ate my butter and olive oil and stayed away from hydrogenated fats and artificial sweeteners. So the big difference for me in the last month has been cold turkey on sugar and grains. So as bad as all the other stuff is (I was never convinced and waiting for others to catch up). I am amazed the difference stopping grain and sugar has had on me in this way and emotionally. And when I say emotionally I do not suffer depression, manic behaviour, etc, no real emotional problems I am generally in a good mood, yet I feel better then ever. I cannot imagine the changes for people that have these issues or even the physical really bad PMT. It must be amazing.
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            i had HORRIBLE pains before, like you described. i would dose up the night before i expected my period and stay dosed every 4 hours that i was awake until the 3rd day (i was taking waay over the acceptable amount of ibuprofen). i can't say for sure yet because i'm experiencing lactational amenorrhea which will probably continue for another 6 months at least (it lasted a total of 24 mos after my first child and 22 months after my second, i'm 12 months in after the last baby), but i really really hope that this holds true for me. there's no way i can take care of three kids if i'm writhing in pain for 3 days every month once my period returns.
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              Originally posted by Polecatz View Post
              This is weird. My period pains have disappeared almost completely. Could it be primal eating?
              My 12-year-old daughter had outrageously bad period pain. Then she went Primal and the pain went away completely. She was stunned and then overjoyed. Her mom had rotten period pain too - endometriosis - so it's hereditary, but it still went away for her.
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                Mine weren't as bad this time (first period on primal) and over quicker. NO sugar cravings, but hubby bought me fudge anyway XD
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                  Not just pain-free, but also no PMS, no tender boobs and much shorter duration. I'm lovin it!
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                    Its amazing. Didn't take a tablet last night and NO PAINS and no pains now. Normally, it being day two to three the pains would have still been severe. I hope my liver will be pleased cos I was getting thru packs of painkillers.

                    I wonder if it is the lack of grains or the proliferation of animal fats and meat? What do others think? Why would lack of certain things or eating certain things cause period pains..interesting?

                    I have been frying everything in animal fat and eating meat at every meal and eating coconut products almost every day. The only time I had flour was my friend made a cake for me and they didn't realise my no grains stance so I ate a bit. I have had a lil bit of sugar - the odd small glass of juice and a few squares of dark choc but not every day.

                    Anyway, I had considered the doc prior to this. But I knew what they would say - take the pill. No thanks. (they would probably recommend a high carb diet for good measure LOL). Yay to primal!!


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                      This thread is making me seriously consider coming off the pill. I went on because I would be crippled by pain, but if eating primally can do just as good a job I'd rather not be pumping chemicals in to my body.
                      My body has totally ignored the pill this month anyway and decided I should get my period while on it, so fuck it. Got two days left of this pack then I'm not going to start back on them at the end of next week. And if it all goes terribly wrong can go back on them!
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                        Going Primal didn't stop my menstrual cramps but krill oil did! I'd been supplementing fish oil initially, but when I read accounts of how krill oil helped with cramping (along with magnesium), I finally got some--and boy did it work!
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                          Well, this way of eating is supposed to reduce internal inflammation so maybe you're onto something!


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                            I still get pain (but I've got a huge cyst on my right ovary that I'm getting removed tomorrow) BUT for the first time in MONTHS I had two back to back periods that came on time, and stayed less than 2 weeks. Before this my periods were EVERYWHERE. They could come two weeks apart, or six months apart. They could last two weeks or three months. There was no way of telling. I've had two months in a row with "normal" periods, and it is amazing! I know my doc is going to want me to be on BC because of my cysts, but I really think given enough time on a correct diet, I could fix this! I have so much hope!

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                              My pains are worse now and I am on day 7 of bleeding. I'm also 5 months off the pill which coincided with me going primal. Kind of a little miffed right now.