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Any Hong Kong Grocks here ?

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    In Hong Kong right now on holiday...

    Any good restaurants? Yesterday I hit Wu Kong and Crystal Jade in TTT district. I must say, did not find the HK cooking thus far to be as good as the Shanghainese cooking which I love.

    Just sort of lacking in effort, very so so. Perhaps I haven't found the good stuff yet?


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      I just moved here. Im up for meetup / whatever


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        Bumping the HK thread

        I'm here for 2 months. Staying at the Harbour Plaza between North Point & Quarry Bay.

        I expected my food costs to go down compared to Australia (where I've been for the last month) but no way! A lot more expensive and none of the stores I've been to sell the large cuts I like. I may buy from local butchers, who speak very little English, but am guessing that meat can't be trusted.

        I did find Brazilian chicken reduced heavily so stocked up on that. Though not sure about it's quality either.

        How do you eat out and stay gluten free? Everything has soy sauce! I don't mind a bit of rice, starches or poor quality meat, but have avoided gluten for more than a decade.

        Sean Roberts


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          Wow, just noticed this thread here. I used to live in Hong Kong.

          You can buy duck eggs at North Point and Shau Kei Wan markets. Much better quality than the "run-ground chicken eggs".

          The meats at the local butchers come from China. Organic meat can be found in CitySuper or Jason's, but really expensive.

          Some ideas to avoid gluten:
          - at chinese restaurants: congee, rice noodles, rice cakes
          - vietanese restaurants (pho, spring rolls)
          - sushi places
          - some local 'tea-cafes' serve salads and steaks now