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Looking for subjects for a national magazine story

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  • Looking for subjects for a national magazine story

    Hello there, and huge apologies if this crosses the line, violates any forum rules, or comes across as solicitation. I'm a freelance writer and I'm working on a story for a well-known women's magazine--and I'm looking for a few people to profile. I get to write a pretty long narrative about three or four weight loss journeys. Anyone out there want to share their success? If this sparks any interest, I can provide more detail of course!

    --I'm hoping to find someone who isn't/wasn't really overweight or unhealthy, but just couldn't shake those last 10 pounds until she came up with some unique way of changing up her lifestyle (Primal can of course be a part of this!).

    --I'm also looking for anyone who has lost at least some of her weight (10 pounds, 20, 50...) in a more quirky, surprising way (took up nordic skiing, started gardening, volunteered for a cause that led to a few more pounds dropping off.

    Again, I'm very sorry if this post breaks the forum rules--please remove it if it does.