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  • No Stretch Marks?

    I was wondering if this was common with weight loss due to a primal/paleo lifestyle. When I started eating primal as a lifestyle, I wasn't doing a lot of exercise for the first few months, because I was still in the throes of energy-sapping conditions. Even though the fat rolls were disappearing and all my clothes getting loose, I didn't think I was actually losing weight because I didn't see any stretch marks.

    In the past, I've relied on them appearing to let me know if Weight Watchers or Medifast was working (Medifast really messed up my body). I would get them even if I lost 7-10 pounds. However, I haven't gotten a single one over the past six months, and I've gone from a US size 16/18 to a 8/10 so far. I haven't had access to a scale, won't buy one, so I haven't weighed myself yet. According to the tape measure, I'm losing weight faster since I've begun to do strengthening exercises and may have to replace the pants I just bought, but still, no stretch marks. In fact, the most recent marks that I got about a year and a half ago due to rapid weight gain are nearly invisible now.

    My mother had six kids and never got a stretch mark on her stomach, and my father also isn't prone to them. They eat SAD. I thought I just got the bad genes, but now I am wondering if it's just that my skin is healthy enough to bounce back from the changes. Has anyone else, who was previously prone to them, noticed that not a single one has appeared from going primal?

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    According to Cillakat (long-time member here), stretch marks are all about nutrition, not heredity, as is commonly believed.

    Here's a link to her Google docs:
    Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
    Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
    Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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      I bet it's the good fat in the primal diet! I never took notice of it before you mentioned it, but the stretch marks I've had on my hips since puberty are nearly gone.

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        Oh I hope so! I noticed some old ones that are lying against each other this morning bc of weight loss. But that could also just be skin, I didn't study it long.
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          You won't get stretch marks if you're losing weight (unless you're gaining a ton of muscle). You get stretch marks when you gain weight (in any form) faster then your skin can adapt and it causes tears in the epidermis.


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            Originally posted by Ideal Peace View Post
            You won't get stretch marks if you're losing weight (unless you're gaining a ton of muscle). You get stretch marks when you gain weight (in any form) faster then your skin can adapt and it causes tears in the epidermis.


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              Originally posted by Ideal Peace View Post
              You won't get stretch marks if you're losing weight (unless you're gaining a ton of muscle). You get stretch marks when you gain weight (in any form) faster then your skin can adapt and it causes tears in the epidermis.
     in pregnancy for women. I have terrible stretch marks from carrying twins.


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                I have terrible stretch marks on my stomach, ass, and arms from getting really fat really fast on SAD... now that I'm paleo/primal they've kinda faded a little but on my arms i've got them a little covered up due to my many tattoos...

                For me they suck but they are an infinite reminder of what the Standard American Diet will do to a person... luckily most people don't notice them unless i point them out specifically
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                  They fade eventually, tanning can help (pref. some natural sun in small increments), creams claim they can help fade it faster, but with the exception of a plastic surgeon cutting\tucking the excess skin the only real treatment is a series of laser treatments that shrink it about as small as it can get.


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                    Thank everyone!

                    I have gotten stretch marks from losing weight though - rapidly. The last time this happened was about five years ago, when my primary care physician put me on the 6-month Medifast diet. He did a little math and determined my BMI at 33 at the time. I was wearing a size 14, was pretty strong, but was a "success" dropped to a skinny-fat 2/4. Not only did I lose fat, but I also lost a lot of muscle because I was too tired to do anything. Then, I gained it all back over the course of a couple years, and then some, without getting back the muscle or my vitality, but I got stretch marks from both losing the weight and gaining it back pretty quickly.


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                      I'm wondering if what you are calling stretch marks are in fact, since by definition, and the very word "stretch," means that stretch marks are caused by too much stretching of the skin either because of too rapid growth of size or height, or as most commonly used, from the effects of pregnancy. Weight loss might make for loose skin, or make stretch marks more obvious, but loss can't cause the stretch of normal stretch marks.
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                        Yeah weight loss doesn't cause stretch marks to form. But you may not notice stretch marks that formed while gaining weight until you start losing weight and the fat disappears/skin starts retracting. That's been happening to me lately.

                        Also some people can gain a lot of weight rapidly, lose it, gain it again, and never get stretch marks. I do think it's a combination of nutrition (which affects skin integrity) and genetics (which will probably affect nutrient uptake) that determine whether stretch marks get created or not under a condition of weight gain (whether it is rapid or not).

                        As for stretch marks "fading over time"... yes they go from red/purplish to white/beige-ish, BUT they only look like they've faded on your skin if you have light skin to begin with. If you have dark skin (like me) they stand out more when they're lighter, unfortunately.


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                          Stretch marks are caused by gaining weight, but are often not *seen* until you lose weight. While the skin is still stretched out, you don't see the stretch marks because they are flat and stretched. Once you lose weight, the skin relaxes, and the stretch marks appear because they are no longer taut and flat.

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                            Understanding what everyone else is saying - that the skin stretched and when it no longer needs to support the fat, the angry marks actually start to show. I have also noticed a reduction in acne and no need for moisturizing lotion anymore. I also, being very fair skinned, take a lot longer to get a sunburn. In fact, I went for a very long walk/hike in the spring sun and my arms actually tanned a little (my face and chest burnt though, but less than two days later, the redness is mostly gone). It makes me curious as to how to integrity of my skin has changed in the long run.

                            So, if I had lingering striae from previous weight gain to accommodate my rapidly growing body, then I healed it with going primal such that there are no angry red marks surfacing during my weight loss?


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                              It's not possible to make stretch marks go away (unless you have the skin removed, or you have laser procedures that just lessen their appearance); since you say you're pale-skinned, what's probably happened is that the striae have faded and you just can't see them anymore like you could when they were red.