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  • Perfect Dental Check-up

    Five years ago my dentist told me that I had "deep pockets" between my teeth and gums indicating some bone loss due to decay. He insisted that I see the periodontist. I never made the appointment and avoided the dentist all together until last October. I had been Primal only a few weeks, but that coupled with "oil pulling" with coconut oil gave me a pretty good check up. The hygienist still wanted to "Map" my pockets in yet another attempt to get me to the periodontist.

    So, On Thursday I had my six month check up. It was to be a long appointment for cleaning and mapping.

    Due to being Primal over six months, I had very little tartar buildup. My gums were in great shape and barely bled even though I am on Coumadin (a blood thinner). The doctor pronounced me to be in great dental health and they did not even bother to map the pockets because they were a normal depth.

    The dentist commented on my weightloss and asked me what I was doing. I told him about the PB. I wonder if he made the connection between the turn around in my dental health and the lack of sugar and grains in my diet?
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    Thanks, Paula. That is so inspiring!!


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      Outstanding! I too had a couple of pockets, one was really big, had become abcessed and hurt like hell. Before going Primal I had two treatments with some kind of specialized machine - reminded me of a damned mig welder - that cauterized the gum tissue and killed the cooties, supposedly allowing the pocket to heal. If this didn't work the next step was a root canal. I was sweating that because the first two sessions didn't have much affect in diminishing the pocket; it wasn't much smaller and it still hurt.

      Life got in the way, I missed the next two appointments for the third treatment. Was so busy with work and home issues I don't know how long it took me to realize my gums didn't hurt any more and there was no tenderness even when I pushed on the spot. Next appointment went just like Pebbles' - pocket healed, no sign of infection or receeding.

      Now, the two treatments I received may well have helped and/or accelerated the healing, but I'm betting most of the improvement was due to losing the grains & sugars.


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        Congrats, Paula!

        I, too, oil pull with CO and eat a lot of it and got a surprisingly good exam, especially considering I had been lax in flossing. I was figuring my dental hygienist would be coming after me with a stick (due to sporadic flossing only). Instead, my gums were all of a sudden in the best shape they've been since they've been seeing me (four years).
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          My last checkup was a year ago. My teeth have been in bad condition for a long time and I expect a lecture and two fillings every time I go. Last time they said, "you ought to come more often, but everything looks fine" - first time in my life. Lack of sugar, more vit D, more general health? Who knows.
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            Congratulations! Finally having good dental check-ups was the biggest, happiest surprise I had getting off the carbs. I've got more money in my mouth than any automobile I've ever owned (even with good dental insurance), so this was more than good news for me. I've heard the same from several low-carb/primal friends.
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              That's great!! I noticed a huge difference in my teeth after going primal... not more coating on my back teeth all the time. That drove me crazy.


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                I actually just posted about Quinn's first dental visit. Most dentists are pretty happy with Paleo and Primal diets. And yes, the way we eat DEFINITELY makes a difference. The only thing my teeth feel icky after is drinking coffee. And occasionally the crazy broccoli bit. :P


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                  (Newb here) what's 'oil pulling' ?


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                    Oh, I do hope I don't get as much tartar buildup in the future... I always have a lot of tartar, I had quite a lot this time too, but I hadn't been to the dentist's in two years and I have only been primal for 6 months now... Luckily the dentist found no cavities or other issues, just the tartar buildup.


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                      I'm 27 and have generally had good dental health in the past, but I've been more than a year overdue for a cleaning and general checkup. I finally went in (to a new dentist, at that) about two weeks ago. For the past 8-12 months I've been using almost no "conventional," chemical-laden toothpaste and instead been using Tooth Soap (found at Amazon) almost exclusively. I occasionally use some whitening conventional toothpaste just to keep the teeth a bit whiter, but typically I only do this about once per week.

                      Even without any "almighty" floride, the dentist said I have immaculately clean and strong teeth. They took x-rays and said the bone looks great.

                      I didn't tell them about my primal efforts, or my natural toothpaste, but I'm going to keep doing things the natural way for the next six months and see what he says at the next checkup. If things are still really good, I'm tempted to enlighten him and see what he says.

                      Anyway, just take a look at some of the chemicals in your traditional toothpastes. Nasty, nasty stuff you're putting in your mouth!


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                        I went for about 12 years without a dental check up until last February when my then girlfriend-now fiancee basically forced me to go. The first time, I had to do a periodontic cleaning becuase I had so much tartar and plaque buildup, and my gums bled like a Middle Eastern oil field.

                        Around my 6 month check up last September, I had just started doing paleo stuff the first time around and went back and had a perfect cleaning. Between my dentist and hygienist being really good at their jobs and switching my eating habits, I've had perfect checkups the past two visits.

                        I'm skeptical of natural toothpaste, though. I tried it once and it felt like it left a hippy-film on my teeth. No thanks, I'll stick to Crest.


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                          I'm hoping for a similar result next visit. I had to go in cos the amalgam fillings caused one corner of my molar to break off (bugger! damned expensive repair job coming up but I'm going for the ceramic crown, which will last for life. Better at about $2000!)

                          Anyway, I worked this morning and was de-cobwebbing and got dust in my eye again (I will learn to wear the safety glasses!) and was checking out my eye in the mirror and I noticed my teeth were brown!! Since going primal (though the hygienist thinks it may be age related) my teeth have stained The only things I eat in the brown category are chocolate and curry mix, but not that often. I now have whiter teeth


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                            Originally posted by Bron View Post
                            but I'm going for the ceramic crown, which will last for life. etter at about $2000!)

                            Don't bet on it. I have a few of these and there is one tooth that I had to have the crown replaced 2X. The last time I went with a gold crown and it has been golden every since. I have had that about 10 years now with no problems. I have just had another ceramic crown chip off a few months ago but I am not replacing that one.



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                              Don't tell me that!! I hope it is guaranteed then