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    My dad's dad was a dentist. He always hated working on dad's teeth because they were so bad. He's had a dozen root canals, but he's always been meticulous about his teeth and still has them all at 66.

    Fast forward to this year with my son's diagnosis of fructose malabsorption. My dad has all of the same symptoms, which I always assumed was gluten intolerance/celiac disease. My poor kid had to have a cavity filled in a baby tooth last year before being diagnosed. It was a bad year.

    Upon tons of personal research, I figured out that fructose malabsorption basically causes cavities. The bacteria in the gut break the excess fructose down, causing hydrogen gas to be produced, which is painful! Here's the deal, though...hydrogen ions, when they bond with Chloride or Sulfide or any pretty basic ions in our body...form acids! So if you have HCl (hydrochloric acid) or HS (sulfuric acid) floating around from all of that hydrogen you're exhaling, you're going to have teeth that dissolve (it's the same thing that happens with acid rain and limestone = caves).

    So it really is true that eating too much sugar gives you cavities. Just not the way you might have thought.
    Am I still allowed to lick rocks on this diet?

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      I've been doing Primal for several months, not perfectly, with some non-primal days. Today I had my six-month dental check-up. The hygienist said, "Your gums are so much better than before! The pockets you had are now normal. What are you doing differently? New toothbrush, different toothpaste?" I told her the only difference is that I'm not eating any grains or processed food. She was amazed and so was my dentist. And so was I.


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        to tell the truth i'm afraid of dental check-up. haizz. i have a decay and i want to heal it, but i'm too scared of seeing the dentist