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    Just wanted to put this out there with hopes that it will inspire people to keep on chugging toward their goals in life.

    I have a pretty complicated story altogether, but in a nutshell, I was diagnosed with brain tumor two years ago, and over the course of my years in college (graduating in a month), I have been both extremely underweight and unhappily overweight.

    There were a ton of ups-and-downs, even within the same days. But I had the goal of being healthy and happy in mind and have continually picked myself back up and pressed forward.

    Here are some progress pics so far.

    First pic - Summer 2010 - (220lbs... self-loathing, uncomfortable, and unhappy inside)

    Second pic - April 2011 (weight unknown/unimportant) ...been eating Primally 80%. After a long time (about 5 months) of not doing much consistent physical activity, I started running every day about a month ago and it's been a great outlet but too time-consuming so a week ago I started the LeanGains IF protocol and began weight lifting. It's working and incredibly enjoyable. I highly recommend checking out Martin's site, Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health.

    From here, gonna keep cutting BF and gaining muscle simultaneously. Beach week in 3 weeks so I wanna be looking good
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your brain tumour. That's a great result you've had. You're a very handsome guy. Inspiring.


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      How did this thread get no comments its first time around? Thanks for bumping it, gregjames.

      Anyhow, cmw--you look fantastic. Hope you're doing well on the tumor front.

      (P.S. I am so jealous that your "beach week" is in early May--I'm pretty convinced right now that we're not getting nice weather in the Midwest until July.)


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        Hey cute guy! (I can get away with this because I'm old, pudgy, and in a long-term relationship hehehehe
        Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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          Thanks guys!


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            You look great! Does Paleo help with the tumor? I have heard that sugar feeds cancer...