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  • Success so far with the PB

    (TLDR at the bottom of my post for those not wanting to go through this!)

    I am, to the best of my knowledge, one of the youngest followers of the Primal Blueprint (deliberately, that is), at the age of 14. I've been a chubby kid my entire life, eventually growing to be actually OBESE before the age of 16. How fucked up is that? Thank you, CW, for ruining my early life.

    Moving on, I've had to deal with a pretty wide variety of troubles so far in my life. Shortly after birth, I had an asthma attack and was lifelined to a local hospital. I had breathing problems and ear problems, requiring my tonsils removed and requiring "ear tubes." I've had eye problems from being on my computer too much, which was BECAUSE of my weight and it sort of snowballed against me in that respect.

    This was all prior to becoming primal, and I bear no regrets in what I've done. I've met hundreds of awesome people on the internet, and it allowed me to find the Primal Blueprint. Since becoming Primal, I've had more trials to deal with, although these are more social and not health-related.

    Anyways; I actually found the PB in 2009, but my parents were skeptical and didn't really trust me as I was only 12 at the time. I eventually learned how to incorporate it stealthily, by limiting rice and pasta while having a larger proportion of my meals being meat and vegetables. I've learned how to cook a little bit, and I've learned to love spices and vegetables and everything like that. I want to try offal some day, if I get a chance.

    Since becoming Primal, I have dropped over 30 pounds, going down to 229 as of last Friday with a definite increase in muscle mass. After the summer, I hope to be below 190 (I'm 5'10").

    Also after becoming Primal, I've been way more open with my emotions and way more social. I fake smiles less often now, and am honestly able to have a real one on my face most of the time. I've also gathered the balls together to ask a girl I've had a crush on for a while now out. This is especially thanks to this community, since I made a thread and got nothing but encouragement from the great folks checking the Odds and Ends forum. (She said no, for anyone wondering and not wanting to look up the thread.)

    Originally, around January, I had a goal to drop below 220 before May 6 (I was currently around 245~ in January), and I was honestly doubting I could pull it off, but the Primal way of life really pulled through. Three months later, I'm down nearly 20 pounds. I'm still not looking amazing, but I'm getting there.

    The hardest thing for me, honestly, are the rest days. I just want to go out and run like Forrest Gump, sometimes.

    TL;DR -- I was a chubby kid, found the PB when I was 12, started eating primal and am close to not being chubby anymore. Being Primal gave me confidence and I actually asked someone out on a date (but got rejected), among other things. Social life is way better now, thanks to being primal.

    (Sort of a side note)
    Also, about the aforementioned girl I had a crush on, today I found out my music teacher is psychic. I have his class with her and he started playing YouTube - Wonderwall ; one of my favorite songs AND a song that sounds how I feel. Shout-out to him.

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    HUGE Congratulations so far! I can see only good things for you in the years to come.

    As a formerly obese teen, I can totally relate to your trials and tribulations. Unlike you, I didn't get my act together for many years into adulthood. If only I knew then what I know now. You, however, have been gifted a fantastic head start over so many.

    Keep up your great work, and don't discount those rest days.


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      Congrats! Your story is awesome .. and I did read your other thread about the crush! don't worry about her saying no .. keep up with the socializing and gaining your confidence, Girls Love that! well I can't speak for them all but I know I do .. Looking forward to reading more on your journey!!
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        Welcome. Way to go! You are fortunate to find PB while you are young, since your body is geared up with lots of growth hormone which will enable you get incredible results. You sound like one smart young man. My son had similar difficulties, but he leaned up by getting off the sugar/carbs and moving more. Just remember it can take some time to undo lots of years of CW, and don't listen to the wonks who will tell you you are wrong. I hope we see more young people like you here on MDA before long.
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          Congratulations on your successes! You'll get girls, just give it time

          I wish you could talk to my nephew (my sister's oldest kid). He's only 10 and a half but he's already 180 lbs. Hopefully by the time he's 12 or so my sister will be mentally able to help him get his diet under control. He eats like there's no tomorrow and she won't quit baking or buying crap for him and his chubby little brother to eat. My sister is hugely overweight as well so the whole family could benefit from this diet. The only thing I can do is try to lead by example.
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            I am so glad to hear about your success. Keep up the good work!

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              I'm down another pound since Friday, but I've put on some visible muscle. Fat for muscle is a pretty good trade, as far as I'm concerned.


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                Hi Brett, how awesome for you that you are taking control at such a young age. I'm glad that you figured out a way to make primal work in your situation. How do your parents feel about your progress? I'm assuming they've noticed the great strides you are making? Best wishes to you on your continued journey.
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                  Awww. I just wanna ruffle your hair. Even though you're almost a foot taller than me.
                  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                    I wish i found out about paleo years ago (i'm 23, i don't think im old or anything, i just wished i could of been healthier when i was younger). Look at it as an advantage that your starting so young. By the time your my age when i started paleo (22) you'll probably be healthier then me, and for that i hate you for..... lol. jk.


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                      Grats, Brett! Your goal sounds fairly reasonable. Hope ya hit it, but count any progress as just that: progress. Every step forward's one closer to where you want to be, timelines aside.
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                        You're awesome, and a great writer, too!


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                          Brett, I'm so proud of you! What about your parents, have they changed their CW beliefs as well?


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                            Originally posted by drain bead View Post
                            you're awesome, and a great writer, too!
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                              Awesome story, Brett