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PB has worked for me!

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  • PB has worked for me!

    I am diabetic (T2) and being primal has definitely helped!

    For example, my 1AC levels have improved, as have my daily insulin levels. My cholesterol levels are moving in the right direction. My cholesterol profile has shifted from type B (bad) to type AB...and is moving towards A! My overall triglyceride level has gone from 302 to 123, my HDL level (the good stuff) has improved from 37 to 47, and my LDL IIIa+IIIb levels have dropped from 43.5 to 24.1. Other numbers have improved, and my weight has dropped by 20+ lbs.

    In fact, my clinical dietitian has been so impressed with my numbers that she has "instructed :-)" me to stay on this diet. In short, she doesn't see anything wrong with a diet based upon veggies, fruit, healthy fats and proteins.

    And to be honest...I am probably on what what one would call a "loose paleo" diet. I eat some high fat dairy (butter, some yogurt as a rare treat, and hard cheeses), eat dark chocolate, and drink alcohol...and once a week, I sometimes have a couple of pieces of Ezekiel Bread, white rice or oats.

    Admittedly, my weight loss is a factor in these changes (but the PB jump-started this), and I do take some medicine, but the PB has been the primary driver of these changes in my opinion. In short, I was on the medicine for a while prior to starting the PB journey...but it was after I started this journey that I started seeing significant changes.

    I hope this helps someone who is on the fence. :-)
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    Congrats, Phil, I am glad to hear you are doing so well. It must have been great to have your dietitian officially "sanction" your diet.

    A joyful heart is good medicine

    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliot

    Mmmmm. Real food is good.

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      That's great Phil. It is wonderful that your health has improved. Keep on grokking


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        Phil, your "loose paleo/primal" diet sounds almost exactly what I eat usually, except that the alcohol is a rare occurrence. When I need a bread fix, I will toast a slice of Ezekiel bread. I am not overweight or a diabetic, but I am a Registered Dietitian, and I would be telling you the same thing as the RD you saw. Congrats on such great progress, and I wish you continued success. I foresee a drug-free non-diabetic future for you with continued Primal eating.


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          Thanks to all for the kind responses. I hope my small victories encourage others to stay the course. :-)