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I know this might be a touch subject...

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  • I know this might be a touch subject...

    OK so here I am, digging through the before and after pics and thinking to myself... "Geeze... Most of these people already looked good BEFORE they went Primal!"

    Of course, I'm 6'4" and started this cut the carbs thing at 360 lbs. or there abouts... About 4 weeks later I weighed in at 348 and really I'd only been doing the low carb/no carb thing for about 3 weeks.

    I'm more following the Protein Power plan than the PB plan for now and I haven't gone with organic meat yet because of the expense in the sudden shift from cheap/inexpensive carb based foods like beans, rice, pasta... But it's on the agenda.

    All of that to say, I would really appreciate some success stories from people like me, who were far in to the 'obese' category and have pulled themselves out. My estimated body fat at 360 was about 40%. I haven't checked my numbers/measurements again since then but I am doing so sometime this week.

    Maybe you don't want to post this sort of "I was actually REALLY fat and now I'm not" message in a public forum. I can understand that. But if you are willing, I would find it really hope-bringing.



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    I was 397 at 5'8" when I started, and in a year and a half I've dropped over 100 pounds of body fat (118 according to my doctor) and gained 25 pounds of muscle - current scale weight is about 306 and current BF% is about 26 (compared to over 50% a year and a half ago).

    Yes, you can do this. I'm still heavy, but nowhere near what I used to be.
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      Four Christmases | Mark's Daily AppleFour Christmases | Mark's Daily Apple
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        Read this and get inspired:

        The Unconquerable Dave | Mark's Daily Apple


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          Yes! Rivvin is a great source too...

          And yeah.....

          Go to my primal blog (link below in my signature) and see my Before pictures... i assure you that you won't think I looked "good" before!
          March 1st 2010: 308lbs | CW: 219lbs / 18.5%BF | New Goal: 16% BF
          Male. 28. 6'4''. Currently working on them muscles and strength!

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            Holy Christ, I have that exact same outfit as Rivvan in his 2007 picture (minus the hat and dog), and started at about the same weight. So in four years I will look like Rivvin...damn, this PBP is the stuff of miracles.


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              There's this guy, Greg (post #248 pg 25) Since moved on I believe.

              This guy, Anarkogrok, same thread #2041 pg 205

              And many, many more. Or see the weekly success stories at Mark's blog.
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                amazing success for Paul on 4 Christmass
                Gretchen in Wyoming
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                my blog Mama Goes Primal


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                  6'4.5", 340lbs to 239lbs. Lots of muscle gain.
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                    that's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                      My husband was 6'3" and about 260 when he started. He's now 195--his lowest weight since he was 17 and playing high school football. He did this with next to no exercise, just the diet change.


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                        Originally posted by tapper47 View Post
                        That transformation is fricking incredible!


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                          I'm just starting with 140 pounds+ to lose. I'll put pics up soon.... I need all the encouragement I can get. But. I think this is the place. I cried seeing Dave.... But good tears.

                          I guess it's time I put up fatty pictures and start a blog. LOL
                          Newbie fatty makin' changes


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                            6'0" tall, 387.5lbs when I began in early-2010. Heavily muscled from the start. I've lost about 85 pounds, some of those definitely muscle. My lean body mass and strength's still good, but it's been a struggle to maintain it.

                            I feel better in 100 other ways though.

                            I've been stuck at about 300 pounds for the past 6 months, but mostly because I've been eating to many starches lately and have had a few 'off the rails' weeks where I ate whatever I wanted. I've been in ketosis for the past 6 days though so I'm hoping to get this ball rolling again.

                            Good luck!
                            I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.


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                              Originally posted by Alex Good View Post
                              6'4.5", 340lbs to 239lbs. Lots of muscle gain.
                              lots of tall people in these forums! 6'4" here to.
                              Originally posted by runnergal
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