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  • Positive results so far!

    Happy to say that 4.8 pounds have come off in the first week, with walking every day, and an 18 hour fast over the weekend. The fast was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I know the scale isn't what I should be focusing on, but this is the largest change I've seen in 4 or 5 years, after trying "diet plans". I hate plans.

    Pretty easy to stay focused on "eat when hungry", "drink when thirsty", "go for a walks". Using fitday to track my calories-to-portion sizes is helping a lot. Sort of a way to re-wire my brain to recognize good food on-sight (if that makes any sense).

    Been reading the book over the week. What a great read it is too. Wanted to drop a thanks into this post for Mark, and the rest of you in the forum for all of the information.

    I can honestly say that I don't feel like I'm on a diet and for me that's a great thing. Who'd have thought that eating real food in this day of fat-free, pre-packaged, quick-fixes would be the way to go? It's almost a no-brainer when you think about it.

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    WTG! I agree . . . it is freeing to feel like one is just living life rather than 'dieting'. I have never felt better about my relationship with food and it sounds like you feel the same way. Yay for freedom from "plan obsession"!


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      Congrats on your success so far! It really is easy, and I've never been so relaxed while trying to lose weight. It really is easy once you learn to trust your instincts. Way to go!


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        Brilliant result!!

        M x


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          Well, yesterday was 3 weeks of PB for me. A loss of 11.2 pounds, according to that "thing" in the bathroom that gets a visit every Monday morning. This "non-diet plan" is working out well so far.

          Still walking daily, and added some brief kettlebell-type(with dumb bell) workouts last week. Running around with the dog more as well. My energy seems to be a bit higher, and I don't crave a carb load after expending energy.

          Changes I've noticed other than weight loss:

          - I've stopped snoring ... completely. This was a surprise to me , and a real gift for my wife as well.

          - My skin is much more clear. I've had sensitive skin my entire life and the last couple of weeks I've noticed a positive change in that. Maybe it's because of the extra collagen I'm ingesting?

          - The craving for grains is gone. And I mean it's gone. This is the weirdest thing ever. I'm a toast, cracker, and tortilla chip addict.

          Anyway, there ya go. Thanks AGAIN for all of the information here.