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Observations at eight months

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  • Observations at eight months

    It has been eight months since my life changing conversion to a primal diet.

    After 3 weeks of irritable bowel hell while adapting to a low carb, zero gluten diet, everything settled down wonderfully, and has generally remained so.

    Here's what I don't have any longer:

    * The "runs". In fact, I'm regular as the sunrise for the first time, like ever..
    * Migraines!!! I've posted about my migraines disappearing before. I have had TWO in the past eight months, but my frequency has gone from once or more per week to once every 4 months! I'll take it.
    * Headaches in general are gone. Not just migraines, but lesser/standard headaches.
    * Major issues with hunger pangs. I don't get shaky, angry, short with others, etc.. when I'm hungry, and I can miss my normal meal time without becoming upset, or ravenous. I have yet to adopt the intermittent fasting thing, but I'm an active triathlete, so that may not be for me.
    * Sleep issues. I turn off all the electronics, blue lighting, etc.. a few hours before bedtime and I fall asleep wonderfully. My house is candlelit in the evening and I love it. I also need far less sleep, averaging 5-6 hours per night instead of 7-8. (I rose at 4am today, no alarm clock, wide awake after retiring at 10pm)

    Here's what I do have:

    * More energy. A better outlook on life. A WAY healthier diet. Never in my life have I so eagerly taken to veggies and salads!
    * A consistent body weight. I seem to have settled in at exactly 140 lbs. I'm 5'5" and have alway struggled on a "normal" diet/lifestyle to stay under about 142-145, and on a severely restricted and unsustainable diet I can get down to 135. However, this diet requires NO sacrifice, no effort, and I'm never really hungry, ever, and my weight is rock solid.
    * A bit of a new figure. Attached is a photo of me from 2 weeks ago in the Dry Tortugas. I've always had an athletic figure, but I am most definitely putting on muscle, and losing body fat. My body fat measuring device shows me at 9.5% (I check as a reference once per week). I've noticed that my wrists are smaller! (weird), as my wrist watches indicate I need to use the next smaller hole. My chest is bigger, my waist the same, my biceps and shoulders more defined. All I do for exercise is swim, bike, and run, no weight lifting.
    * My skin is absolutely in better condition, I have no more white spots under my nails, and my elbows are nice and smooth, not crackly and nasty like they are typically in winter.
    * A new outlook on food in general. I totally enjoy guilt free eating of all the "BAD" conventional wisdom foods. I don't feel bad about cooking in butter, eating lots of healthy fat and protein, and while I occassionally miss a nice cheesesteak or pizza, I forego them because the few times I've tried, I've suffered for a day or two thereafter.

    In short, I see absolutely no reason to not continue!

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    Great story and picture. Looks like you have had similar findings that many of us have. Yes, keep going.


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      I forgot to add one VERY important thing (for me anyway).

      I can accurately judge my fitness level on the bicycle on the hills. It is VERY hilly around my way, and I absolutely know from many years' experience where my fitness level is going to be in the early season as it is too cold and nasty to really _train_ in the winter, but I can manage to stay in shape. In late March, early April, the hills are painful. I resort to judicious use of my small front chain ring until about May when I'm strong enough to mostly stick in my big ring for climbs (I have compact cranks for anyone in the "know" - 50/34). It is still March, and I have not been training hard, YET I DO NOT NEED MY SMALL CHAINRING AT ALL! I have a huge amount of strength in my quads that, as stated, is never, ever present until much much later in the year. I have literally been flabbergasted at climbing recently, it just seems like I have late summer legs in March. I have not been training any differently than in any past year, at all. This isn't subjective observation, I absolutely know my capabilities as I do compete in road races. Hills I just try to spin up early on in the year, I'm blasting up them in my big ring. The only difference in my life is of course a major difference - going Primal. I cannot wait till May when I'm really in shape!!!!!!!!!! Gonna put some pain into my competitors.


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        you should just give up and go on a high carb vegan penance diet. live on a thick vegan nutrient paste made out of lentils and oatmeal.

        you'll be much happier.

        it's bliiiiiissssssssssssssssssssss...