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  • Bursitis?


    Have you successfully gotten rid of Bursitis going primal? I went Primal last July, was able to do it about 80% of the time. Around October, my cousin died (for 14 minutes) was brought back by the paramedics and has never fully gotten his memory back. He is only 32 and its been tough on me... it threw me off my goals.

    I didn't fully start eating all grains again, but i definately got lazy on avoiding sugar, rice, and some other grains. I still don't eat bread very often.

    In December, I got a pain in my shoulder and they did an MRI. One doctor said there was a tear, the physical therapist thinks I have bursitis.

    I dont' know why I didn't put two and two together, but I'm realizing that I think this all started when I started eating sugar again.

    Has anyone been able to overcome their bursitis completely on a primal diet? It would be so nice to use my arm all the way again!


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    I have it in both wrists. It's gone. It only comes back if I'm silly enough to eat grains or sugar.
    I hope it works for you!
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      wow! Duh! (losing... for eating grains/sugar).

      I guess I forgot that eating Primal is for how it makes you FEEL... moreso than how it makes you look... although that ain't too bad either.


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        I seriously cannot believe this, but I gave up sugar again the day I wrote this post and right now the pain in my shoulder (that i've spent hundreds trying to make go away) is 50% gone.

        Its only been 2 days. I guess I was eating more sugar/junk than I realized. It didn't hurt to get dressed this morning.

        I guess this means that my body really cannot process sugar like it once did. I'm in awe!