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More fat=Less gallbladder pain?

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  • More fat=Less gallbladder pain?

    I don't know how it works, but I have had gallstones for the past 5 years. If I eat even a touch too much fat, I get the worst pain ever. I was getting horrible pain no matter what I ate while on Birth Control. I have been grain free now for three days (seriously, only three days!) and in that time eaten steak (steak!?!? seriously!) bacon, pepperoni (previously caused pain so bad I would become nauseous and throw up) and prosciutto, and have had NO gallbladder pain.

    Surely it can't work THIS fast? and can gallbladder pain go away eating fat? isn't that the cause of gallbladder pain?

    Has anyone else had gallbladder pain go away eating primaly?

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