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I used to LOVE bread pudding

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  • I used to LOVE bread pudding

    DH wanted his favorite bread pudding for desert so I made some earlier today.

    Dinner was steak cooked in butter; mine with a wilted spinach salad (raw spinach & chopped up hardboiled egg drizzled with warm bacon grease), his with refried beans and cottage cheese. He didn't want any salad.

    The success part: Pre-Primal, I would have had some bread pudding with him but honestly, it simply didn't appeal. I wouldn't have had it now anyway, but was kind of surprised (and delighted) that I actually didn't want any! He had his smothered in great gobs of sweetened whipped cream - the 'not so successful' part, at least so far as my setting any kind of example or having any influence - sigh ...

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    I've had quite a few of those moments and they're awesome! Breyer's chocolate chip ice cream covered in chocolate syrup used to be a dietary staple of mine....let myself have it a few weeks ago and I put it down. It just tasted like chemicals to me and I'm not tempted to ever try it again. Let myself have McDonald's and Burger King a while back...again just tasted flavorless and with a bad texture(well, McD's fries are still good to me). Let myself have Rubio's recently....grossed me out and made me feel sick afterward. Let myself have an old favorite last night since Easter comes but once a year; Peeps. I only ate three(as opposed to three boxes) and they tasted like nothing. Crap. Milkshakes used to be a favorite, had two of them a while back and they both tasted like heavy nothingness. So I'm pretty happy that a lot of tempting old favorites are no longer appetizing to me!