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1 year later - after dropping over 100 lbs

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    I think you could go hard core with muscle building and fill out the skin. Think about working out as paying yourself, opposed to the 15,000. You've done a phenomenal job so far!


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      You see moobs, I see pecs! Don't be so tough on yourself, you look fantastic
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        Your chest doesn't seem like typical man boobs, honest. But I do understand the desire for perfection and perhaps your body needs even more time to sculpt to the degree you want. Wow, you've come a long way, it's terrific!
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          You look great! What an inspiration! I'm 259 headed down to 175 or...?

          In the past, when I lost a lot of weight (I've been yo-yo dieting for 40 years) people would at some point always say that I'd lost too much weight, or looked ill (given some of the diets I lost weight on they might've been right).

          But I think there was something more. I think that me changing my life for the better made them feel self-conscious about not making changes for the better in their own lives. Losing all the weight changed my relationships with all classes of friends. One summer I left college and returned the next fall 50 lbs lighter.

          My fat male friends didn't like it because now I was no longer "one of them."
          My thin male friends didn't like it because instead of being a wingman or sidekick, I was now competition.

          Women in general acted differently toward me because now I wasn't their safe, platonic guy friend who they loved, but weren't attracted to. Some of them were now attracted to me which changed the relationship, rarely for the better.

          Women friends who had boyfriends felt differently because since I was now "attractive" their boyfriends became jealous.

          I realize these are gross generalizations, each relationship had nuances and details making it a unique situation, but the weight loss did change the dynamics of every friendship I had.

          Of course, sadly, it was just temporary because I always gained the weight back, but the friendships remained altered in many cases.

          It's amazing to me how different the reality of being thinner was from what I'd imagined it would be.

          How has it been for you long term?
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            Kestrel, you are looking good. I agree with Elaine.
            I am loving that at more than two years down the line, you are only getting better, not going backwards. Congratulations.


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              I think you look great! You're getting really toned; I don't think you have "moobs". I would definitely keep up with the power lifting to see if you can tone up more before resorting to surgery.


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                Wow!!!!! You are such an inspiration thanks for sharing your success


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                  Just thought I'd check in at 2 years on. I've been going to CrossFit Oakland for 2 years.

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                    Hiya, Kestrel. Good to hear you are doing well (and looking hot). Nice to hear stories to refute the, "That's just another fad diet, you'll gain it all right back and then some", type of naysayers.

                    I'm thinking about taking up crossfit. There are three boxes within walking distance of my new condo so I don't really have an excuse.


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                      Thanks for the update, Kestral! I was looking around for you. . .looking forward to an update!

                      Looking good. Also, I really like the Burning Man pics. More Burning Man pics!


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                        I think you're right. My mom has to be very strict or she gains. But personally, if I made it 30 pounds over ideal I'd be overjoyed. XD Can't wait!
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