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Newcomer, lost 15 lbs the in the first week.

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  • Newcomer, lost 15 lbs the in the first week.

    This is my first post on MDA, so first a little about myself.

    I'm a 25 years old male from Denmark, Europe. 6 feet tall and weigh in at 230 lbs.
    I just got a surgery on my knee (torn my acl while playing football) so i have had a lot of time to surf the net.

    I stumbled over MDA one day, and i was blowned away. Everything made sense for my, so i ordered
    The Primal Blueprint, but i couldn't wait to get started. Already the next morning I started to eat the primal way. And tried to do it 100% from the get go, i've been preatty close and haven't had any cravings for anything really.

    I'm already down 15 lbs. The only exercise i do is walking right now, i'm planing to start on simple fit as soon as posible.

    If there is to many misspellings, sorry, I don't write that much in English, acturaly I never write in English.

    Well this was my first post, mostly just to get going because i love this forum. All the Success Stories and the pictures are just great.

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    Awesome (i just started posting about a month ago myslef). But, a word of warning, some of the weight you lost was probably extra water weight and be prepared for slower weight loss. Its ok though, i think 15 lbs a week would probably be unhealthy. Just don't get discouraged. For me i had a steady 2 lbs fat loss a week, hit some plateaus, but always broke them. Good luck and enjoy the new lifestyle, i sure enjoy it.